A Different Devil May Cry? Yes Please!

Yeah it's a lot different from earlier installments of the series, but the new DmC could bring some serious good to the lagging Devil May Cry franchise with its recent new facelift.

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N4GAddict2957d ago

I want DMC6 not a reboot

VileAndVicious2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Obviously the person writing this article is not a die hard dmc fan. When you can't even recognize the main protagonist from your favorite game theres a problem and overall the entire trailer looks nothing like a dmc game. I'm all for revamping but this is just non sense.

But I have the feeling in my gut well be seeing a redesigned less emo dante in the very near future.

dawnallama2957d ago

Hope it's a brand-new game too 0_o There's gotta be plenty of backstory for Ninja Theory to work with if it's from Dante's youth.

havethumbs2957d ago

I was a fan of DMC's first 2 to 3 games. If they go and make this an emo character like some Fallout Boy band member you can count me out of even downloading a demo.