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Has Sony perfected the concept of motion control?

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paintsville3044d ago

Unfortunately with a very similar controller already on Wii, the move may not get a fair shake on reviews. I feel that if this were a completely new idea that it would have had the same effect on the market as the wii did. It probably should've scored higher but it similar to something already on the market.

PS3Freak3044d ago

Ya, there is nothing wrong with an 8.5. Great score.

8-bit3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Halo Reach got some 8.5's so those disagrees are just pissy fanboys

darthv723044d ago

then they should re-review it. By then real move support in games will be spot on. This first batch of patched games are going to be iffy.

moparful993044d ago

I bought my move last night and was up till 8 this morning playing.. I must say that sports champions is a freaking blast.. I never expected to like volleyball as much as I did very intuitive. I suck at ping pong in real life but in sports champions I was fairly decent.. I even played time crisis razing storm on the demo disc and that game was sooo cool. I really think that sony has hit a homerun with the move...

inveni03044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

[EDIT: Previous review was hardware only.]

FishCake9T43044d ago

Agreed 8.5 is a solid score. After playing it im getting it day 1.

mikeslemonade3044d ago

Reviewing game hardware is stupid especially when there isn't much software to back it up now. Just remember how the 360 was during launch. Remember how the PS3 was during launch? Remember the DS during launch? Or remember the Wii during launch? Wii had a good launch but now it's crap. 360, PS3, and DS had poor launches but now are doing great.

iPlayGamez3044d ago

the review says it has frequent recalibration. i said a couple of weeks ago that this was gonna be an issue once it releases but i just got disagrees and bubble downs. so its just like motion+ now. if if you actually played with motion + you know it is 1:1 accuracy so why is people (on forums) keep saying move is more accurate than motion+ they are both 1:1 that need to recalibrate frequently

sikbeta3044d ago

Move Delivers, this device is appealing to everyone, from casual to the most hardcore gamers, just wait for more games and you'll see, PlayStation Move is WIN...

guitarded773043d ago

Got mine today and I'm really impressed. I bought a Wii for me and my wife to play, but she would get frustrated with the controls not responding well sometimes, but very happy with the response of the Move. Plus I used it as a flashlight to find something under the bed BONUS!!!

LiquifiedArt3043d ago

Great possiblities. Awesome product. Questionable software at launch. Its typical.

evrfighter3043d ago

oh its out already?



BWS19823043d ago

Clever. We should call you CleverEvr...

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moparful993043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

iPlayGamez No this article is taking it out of proportion.. There is calibration that is required but its only before you play a game.. You rarely ever have to calibrate in the middle of a game.. This is done to ensure the best possible tracking.. Honestly it takes like 3 seconds to calibrate and it's fairly unintrusive to the game experience... Trust me this is not an issue.... OHH and btw movce is absolutely more accurate then the wii.. Move tracks the subtlest movements of you hand and wrist. For example in ping pong you can snap the wrist to add english to the ball and get some very impressive hook shots and the slams are very satisfying.. Wii's version of ping pong is rather lack luster making up for the lack of accuracy with bright and colorful visuals... Move is superior in every way hands down...

Ju3043d ago

Who says it's like the Wii. Just go, get the Racket Sports demo, play that and then compare it with Sports Championship.

These are tacked on controls in Racket Sports. A quick Wii port. Try that tennis. The ball always does the same, no matter how you hold the controls.

And then try Table Tennis or Volley Ball. 1000:1. The ball actually goes where you want it to go with the spin you give it.

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renegade3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

He think 8's are low score because halo got 9.5.

BkaY3044d ago

and for the record i got wii as well... and trust me move is way way way way way better than wii mote....


Longrod_Von_Hugendon3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

What will separate the Move from the Wii and Kinect --beside it having 1:1 accuracy--is the PS3 graphics, exclusive, and true core game support.

Tachyon_Nova3043d ago

I would bet you my ps3 and 55 or so games for it that kinect gets more exclusives.

TheLastGuardian3043d ago

I definitely want the Playstation move but not until some more games come out for it.

Ju3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

Not sure why people say they need more games. The bundle disk keeps you busy for quite a while. I haven't played all the games yet because we played Gladiator the whole day yesterday.

I also got Ruse and RE5 (we...disappointing, even with Move, Ruse is OK). And I have Heavy Rain - which I haven't tried yet.

The demo disk has at least another 9 games to try out.

If you buy all those, I guess you wallet will complain faster than your excitement factor wears off.

There are plenty of games to go with - easily enough until Socom 4 comes out or KZ3.

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Sony3603043d ago

You can't be disappointed with the score. That's really good if you consider everything you mentioned.

Consoldtobots3043d ago

just picked up the move bundle and nav controller today, first thing I did after I tried it out was put my Wii away. This will redefine how games are played, it's all up to the talent of the developer and their game to determine how well it works. The hardware is EXCELLENT.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Finally an Appropiate Next Gen Motion Controller.

Chuk53044d ago

Define appropriate. Give the Wii some credit. Miyamoto and iwata went out on a pretty huge gamble and were mostly successful. Totally irrelvant but the move has a soft glowing ball on it, that's more appropriate? Jks.

SuperM3044d ago

Wii deserves credit for doing something new. That said, the tech just isnt good enough. True 1:1 motion, thats what next gen motion controll is all about. Some games work well with the Wii motion controll but alot of games rely to much on gestures, and then you might aswell just use buttons instead. The tech simply isnt advanced enough to offer satisfying motion controll gameplay across all genres.

The move is almost flawless when it comes to the tech, because it really offers a true 1:1 motion controll which is the ultimate goal for a motion controll device to do. The only flaw with the move is that it needs the camera to track the glowing ball to get the correct data. So if the glowing ball is hidden behind your back or hand it will not be 100% accurate. All things concidered though, this is a minor flaw which cant be avoided if you want to make an affordable motion controller at this point in time.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

Do you want to define appropriate Next Gen Motion Controller after reading and watching articles and Videos of different reviews from different types of Gamers and Sites, everything is clear towards PS Move with irrefutable factual evidence, is the Appropiate Next Gen Motion Controller along with PS Eye that makes Augmented Reality, Body Tracking, Facial and Voice Recognition.

Pillville3044d ago

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nanometric3044d ago

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yippiechicken3044d ago

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bjornbear3044d ago

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this is being able to look at Move objectively as a piece of hardware

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DarkFantasy3044d ago

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TheLastGuardian3043d ago

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nan03043d ago

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moparful993043d ago

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Fruit Loops3043d ago

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BWS19823040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

see how wrong you always are? You had over a hundred disagrees in a few comments in this story. Now, generally speaking, I don't put much faith in N4G comment agree/disagree statistics, but this is too telling based on my nightmarish encounter with you a couple weeks ago. You're a sick and pathetic individual with bigoted feelings towards the disabled (and you suck at arguing, remember?)...

Silly, silly boy. Down to 3 bubbles...has the reality of your grand failure set in, kid?

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gtamike3044d ago

seinfan just got owned by Pillville

Lord_Doggington3043d ago

no he didn't it was a stupid reply

huga_muga3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

they gave the Performance 8.5

then they said
""Motion tracking is incredibly accurate...assuming you're playing the right game.""

that means the hardware (software) is incredibly accurate

thats a 10/10

lol very poor review.

btk3044d ago

Just wait until they do the Kinect review
- Nearly never gets the object identified
- Lags like hell
Performance: 9.5/10

tyrex3044d ago

not for kinect or move argument but on general principal about review scores being all over the place, like shhit on a farm. Especially the ones that seemingly contradict what was written or said in the review.

WLPowell3044d ago

But they'll have a BS excuse like "MS promised us that Kinect has a lot of potential so we have to give it a 9, because you never know it COULD turn out really good."

colonel1793044d ago

Exactly, btk... They have been praising Kinect for its potential, even though it hasn't showed it yet, or even given a hint that it is there. It may have it but, as it stand right now, no one knows.

Yet, the Move has proven that it can do a lot more, and be a better techonlogy, but they just ignore it. They try to downgrade it by calling it wii HD.

I am pretty sure that next generation a lot of people, specially "journalists" are going to look back at the PS3 with regret about having it downgraded so much.

moparful993043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

Here's the problem, people look at kinect and their imaginations start to draw parrallels between concepts they have only dreamed of in games and the promise of kinect to deliver on them...

In reality though they just cant pull this concept off without making kinect expensive.. Honestly kinect "HAS" potential that just cant be tapped without sacrificing price..

Kinect, when it was still called natal, had on board processing that would allow for much more compelling games but the price of this configuration was to high for mass marketing.. Hence they pulled the processor and slapped the "casual" moniker on it..

Sonny really played this one brilliantly by slowly developing the tech behind move. By releasing the eye toy and the ps eye they not only gained valuable experience but it bolstered the r&d dollars to improve the tech.. Now we have a motion control setup that takes the best of both the wii and kinect and delivers at a very affordable price.. No matter what the haters say sony's hardware is the best in the business...

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vickers5003044d ago

Yes, because we obviously need to be throwing around perfect scores more often. It's worked so well for the quality of reviews this gen.


Jrome3044d ago

I agree, we need more realistic reviews...the accuracy is great, but it's not perfected yet in all games (software). 8.5 is fair. Once it progresses it will probably get to 9.5-10..but right now 8.5 is sound.

40cal3043d ago

I would give the performance a 9 plus, Move just needs more and better games.

Sony really nailed this motion controller thing.

JonnyBigBoss3044d ago

Fantastic controller that works with hardcore games.

Seferoth753044d ago

So Sports champions is hardcore? Harry potter games are hardcore?

SO basically since Move got released 80% of the Wii library just became hardcore...

Too funny.

huga_muga3044d ago

Dead space 2 move
Resident evil 5 move edition
Heroes on the Move


raztad3044d ago

Seferoth dude, you are too bitter.

It is already reported by people that actually bought MOVE (I'll get mine tomorrow) that even games like Table Tennis can be unforgiving and very realistic. So yeah, SC can be hardcore, definitely not for grandmas and 5 year kids.

"80% of the Wii library just became hardcore..." No that is not true. That library is still as casual as ever.

Caffo013044d ago

why you guys always forget MAG?it's the first hardcore game that's supporting the beta at least!

MRMagoo1233044d ago

im pretty sure jleack said works with hardcore games not every game thats uses move is a hardcore game i think ur either jumping the gun or very very defensive seferoth(maybe check ur spelling too seferoth wtf?)

Bell Boy3044d ago

Killzone 3 looks pretty hardcore from where I am sat and soon enough I will be sat controlling that beauty with Move

tyrex3044d ago

motion games can be "hardcore" too. If you actually have to do the moves and not flail around, or if the game doesn't hold your hand and wii-wii through the entirety of a game. but it doesn't matter in the end as long as you are having fun who cares.

moparful993043d ago

Gladiator duel in sports champions is very physical and gets very intense.. Its not a "flail your arms and beat your opponent senseless" You actually have to parry, dodge, counter and just outmaneuver your opponnent just to get an opportunity to strike.. But that aside socom 4, mag, heavy rain, resident evil 5, killzone 3, r.u.s.e., gran turismo 5(head tracking), dead space 2, and time crisis razing storm are all very much core oriented titles that puts the wii to shame..

NexGen3043d ago

I'm a grown man and I consider Sorcery to be hardcore. That game, for me, is a big reason to get Move.

Sheikh Yerbouti3043d ago

I like table tennis in real life, and it is KICKING MY ASS ROYALLY.

There are flashes of skill every on my part every once in a while, which makes it all the more FRUSTRATING. (Must keep practicing). You really have to orient yourself with how the controller represents the reality on screen. You'd never expect how DEEP it makes a game.

I was expecting an 8 before. Now I'd give MOVE a 10!
Although...I wouldn't give the games more than an 8.5 (for Tumble). Sports Champions I might give an eight.

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