Sony and GGL to Hosts Online PS3 Tournaments

Videogame tournament host Global Gaming League (GGL) and Sony have partnered to manage online game tournaments for PlayStation 3 titles, offering competitors use of GGL features such as real time scoring. The first game to test the service was Resistance: Fall of Man, which held its first tournament on July 7. Registration for this event launched on June 18, and within the first 10 days over 6,000 participants registered to compete. Tournaments support dual format matches of both one-on-one and three-on-three team competitions, complete with an array of prize benefits for the winners.

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Cartesian3D4173d ago

GGL is one of the best things in Gaming world.. many Warcraft 3 players use it for lag free online games.. its better than battle net in term of Ping..

and its a good news for PS3 users, enjoy a professional lagfree Online gaming in ALL games :)

ALIEN4173d ago

Now, i just need to get my copy of WARHAWK.

djt234173d ago

that pretty cool with WARHAWK you could have some fun