The GameLuv Show doe– wait, POKE-WUT!?

The show is back this week with another nonsensical podcast. Shawn from states:

"Nevermind Halo: Reach, Plants vs Zombies, the finale of Nier, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep! Dana has brought to our attention the first shots of all the new mons in Pokemon Black and White and they. are. nuts! And with this handy link you can play along at home when we start going “look at #635! No, no, now look at #384!” Fortunately, we don’t devolve into that mess for a while and we talk about all this stuff first:

Crafting Mama contest
Plants vs. Zombies
My Kingdom for the Princess II
Halo: Reach
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
And then it’s onto news from the Tokyo Game Show and the aforementioned POKE-WUT insanity!"

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Heart1lly2955d ago

Probably one of my favorite Gameluv podcasts so far.

tigresa2955d ago

All the interesting games and TGS love - sounds like a nicely rounded podcast!

Heart1lly2954d ago

It was! We generally talk about some really random topics that other people might not touch the Crafting Mama contest. I didn't even know it existed.