IGN: TGS: Heroes On the Move Still Frustrates

For those who don't know, Heroes on the Move is a PlayStation exclusive designed to be played with the Move controller. Starring heroes from the Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper and Jak and Daxter franchises, the game is action-oriented with specific missions showcasing individual characters.

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dangert122979d ago

=/ i want this though big ratchet and clank fan well im going to get it anyway lol

DaTruth2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

IGN: Microsoft gave us a dedicated access on Live so now we hate everything Playstation!

Article: "My fellow editor Anthony Gallegos was able to play Heroes on the Move while he was in Germany covering Gamescom, the CEO told him to say he left with mixed impressions and so he wrote that. Unfortunately, after getting my hands on the demo at the Tokyo Game Show the CEO told me the same, so I can only echo Anthony's previous statements."

LarsoVanguard2979d ago

Sadly, this is the unfortunate nature of any accelerometer based gesture movements. If you move your hands and arms like some spastic chimp, movements won't register. Hell, in many cases even if you make moves perfectly, the positioning of the controller is gonna throw it off.

Here's hoping we see less waggle-based crap and more devs stick to using the real strengths of the Move, instead of focusing on novelty experiences like we've seen with the Wii.

tiamat52979d ago

IGN seems to have a personal vendetta against the Move. Their assessments are very unreasonable.