New DiRT3 screens look amazing

Gamersmint : Codemasters has released 5 new DiRT3 screenshots and they cover various terrains ranging from a snow covered moutain range to lush green forests and a full blown racing ring. All of these screens are beautiful to look at and DiRT3 promises to offer a thrilling ride indeed.

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cyborg2952d ago

I especially like the one with raindrops covering the windscreen...I hope that's what we will see from behind the wheel

RedDragan2951d ago

The screenshots are crap to be honest... it's not actual gameplay, but replays. I hate that they do not show the actual playing part in these so called revealing screenshots.

N4GAddict2952d ago

I like the weather effects.

Organization XII2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

awesome even better than GT5

JK :)

hoops2952d ago

The PC version will look better then GT5 since its coming out on all systems

SeanRL2952d ago

I dunno man, this seems like a strong competitor.

HeroXIV2952d ago

This won't have 16 cars on the same track...

Downtown boogey2952d ago

It actually may! But it doesn't have 1000 cars of which 200 are rendered in extensive detail.

STONEY42952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I actually do think the PC version will look better than GT5, not in actual car detail, but in environments, post processing, soft shadowing, shaders and such. I'm still getting both, I mean even if GT5 did suck (which it won't no matter what), I would still get it because I love GT.

And they're different types of racers, so stop whining about ZOMG ONLY 80 CARS. It's rally guys...

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Jeremy Gerard2952d ago

to say it, I will. YES it looks better than GT5, and most likely will be better in many ways.

hoops2952d ago

Well the PC version will support DX11 ADOF and Tessalation and real time soft shadow effects and hgher FP HDR that the consoles cannt do. So yes it will look better.
How the console version fare, who knows.

Boody-Bandit2952d ago

360 because of my friends.
PS3 for 3D.
PC for eyefinity display.

huga_muga2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Many ways? like being an arcade game, with 80 cars and 5 cars per track? lol

did you play GT5 or DIRT3?

ignorance is bliss

Downtown boogey2952d ago

Did you just say "ignorance is bliss"?
Oh, good... Then I don't have to say it to you.

FishCake9T42952d ago

Why do you need 16 cars on track at once when its a rally game? You do know how rally works right?

mikepmcc2952d ago

Will you shut the hell up about that game already? Foaming at the mouth, Christ.

Boody-Bandit2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I hope you're not one to cry like a baby when your dreams don't come true cause this one " looks better than GT5, and most likely will be better in many ways", is never going to happen.

What a waste of an avatar.

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huga_muga2952d ago

Because Dirt 2 had amazing bullshots before it released, but the gameplay didn't look as good as the target screens, maybe on PC but not on consoles.

hoops2952d ago

Play Dirt 2 on the looked like those BULLSHOTS and looked better that GT5 if you had the PC for it...

DA_SHREDDER2952d ago

Huga_Muga, thats exactly what I said before. The screens are just bullshots, even if it wasn't the Dirt 1 and Dirt 2 where about as fun as stick and a hoola hoop. Motorstorm is a much more fun experience IMO. But thats just me.

huga_muga2952d ago

I love dirt 2, it was my fav racing game last year.

STONEY42952d ago

How were they bullshots? They looked exactly like it does on PC. It's not like consoles are the focus of everything you know.

Jeremy Gerard2952d ago

GT5 tries to do too much, and ends up doing alot, but doing it half @ssed.

Dirt will not have as many features, but what it does do it will do better than GT5.

Believe it or not realism will be one of the areas dirt is better. Better sound, damage, and physics for certain.

cyborg2952d ago

you're speaking as if you completed the Gran Turismo 5 innumerous times and it released in 1990s.

Btw, which Xbox fanboi in disguise are you? :)

huga_muga2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

better physics? are for real?

Dirt has arcade physics, arcade physics are not even 1% real.

its better in your head, because you hate GT5 because its not on your fav system, and your a loser because you don't own all consoles.

Jeremy Gerard2952d ago

GT5 has last gen physics that make the cars [email protected] near un-drivable.

Klepto2952d ago

GT5 is pure quality and you cant take that away from it. These are just bullshots, dirt 2 was fun but it got boring pretty quickly.

hoops2952d ago

If you really hate SOny why comment then about its games? Obviosuly you are biased towards any game made exclusive for Sony so your opinion is jaded

alphakennybody2952d ago

dirt and realism shouldn't be put in the same sentence. plus these are bullshots

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