How to Unlock Halo: Reach Ranks & Credits

Halo: Reach has brought a whole new way of unlocking you ranks in competitive multiplayer. Ranks are now unlocked by earning credits (cR). By completing various daily and weekly challenges you will earn credits. By completing games and earning medals you will also earn credits, as well as slot machine pull which will net you a bonus every round you play. This is a level by level guide showing how many credits you need to earn for each new rank in Halo: Reach.

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FanboyAttack2979d ago

Takes forever to unlock armors what was Bungie thinking I don't want to be playing this in 2 years still trying to unlock stuff..Wack.

poe2979d ago

I'm pretty sure it was intentional for Bungie to do this. That way people play for a long time. P.S. I hate Bungie.

T9X692979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

It doesn't take long at all to get the armor pieces, the only thing that requires lots of time is the armor effects. Plus this isn't even correct. You only need 66,000 to be a Captain as that is my next rank.

Where they have it listed at 99,000, and 33,000 a BIG difference in this game.

math2979d ago

I have been ranking up pretty quick, I already have 130,000 credits too. Pesitlence here I come!

T9X692979d ago

@KarnovTheDestroyer - Yea I been ranking up pretty quick as well, I'm sitting on about 144,000 credits right now. I want to save up for the Electric armor effect, but 2,000,000 is a LONG ways away lol. I got about 35,000 credits just for beating SP on Legendary by myself, it was a pain in the ass, but worth it.

WetN00dle692979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Dang it! Pestilence looks awesome!!!
I want the confetti death effect.......that should be hilarious.
With my skills i should be seeing that alot to the point where it will get
What i do hate are the frigging cheaters, last time i got shot through a fraking rock! They need to ban all these mofos!

aviator1892979d ago

I don't play the game to unlock armor effects and other unlocks, I play the game because it's good awesome fun with friends. And that's exact

aviator1892979d ago

I don't play the game to unlock armor effects or other unlocks, I play to have good awesome fun with friends. And that's what has kept me attached to Halo 3 for so long as well.

aviator1892979d ago

Sorry for the double post, My browser did something weird.

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Crazyhorse2979d ago

tat is if de game even workz. Disc red fail!

kenlawson2979d ago

Halo: Reach a good game. Poorly executed strategy on the multiplayer however.

divideby02979d ago

enjoying reach... just dont have the desire or time to play the game to the extent I can unlock the better stuff.

marioPSUC2979d ago

The one thing I don't like is how little money you get some times, and getting half a million to get to the final rank, thats gonna take a long time.

But as long as they keep supporting it, and stuff, Ill keep playing for a long time, its pretty amazing

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