Will the PlayStation Move work in your room? Here are your answers!

Here are the answers regarding PlayStation Move "compatibility" with the gaming set-ups some of you kindly submitted.

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jay22956d ago

What a horrible room that first pic (and the one on the story is). No issue with my set up :).

Cevapi882956d ago

that has to be the worst set up...the tv in the far left corner??....makes no sense

Seferoth752956d ago

Looks like my old closet smoking room. I put my TV in the corner as well. It makes perfect sense sitting it in the corner gives you more room to sit and also a wall to lean against.

guitarded772956d ago

I just set it up in my bedroom (110 sq ft with queen size bed center with TV center). The only issue I had was when I was standing on the side of the bed and had to calibrate... the issue was staying inside the camera. Once calibrated it worked perfect even at wide angles. Really impressed with the 1:1 motion... absolutely NO lag with Sports Champions or Tumble. BTW: Tumble is excellent.

Hideo_Kojima2956d ago

My friends room is like number 1 he doesn't have any furniture... graffiti on the walls and a mattress with no bed and a small TV on the floor and a fan in the corner :P

My living room where the PS3 is similar to room 3 but I will have to move the coffee table when I want to play to have even more room.

WhittO2956d ago

haha funny first pic, looks like a room crazy christains would banish their children to for sinning haha, jk.

Theonik2956d ago

Nah, its the typical Nintendo troll's room. Notice the Iwata picture frame in the wall.

MsmackyM2956d ago

I just finished that Potpie before taking the pic. Jk

btk2956d ago

Seems to work in small rooms just OK

SexyPrawns2956d ago

I'm working with 2 feet away from the television and only four feet of moving room.

It still works perfectly.

You need a TV closer to the floor if you want to do EyePet though. I had to change rooms for that. Lol.

Move is so awesome! It's a shame nobody KNOWS ABOUT IT, SONY!!!!!!!!!!

dragon822956d ago

You can just put the PS Eye on something lower. You don't actually need the TV to be lower. I hav my TV mounted on the wall and just put the PS Eye on the stand that sits anot two feet under the TV. Worked perfectly for th edemo of Eye Pet.

house2956d ago

is super cramped how can you breath in that room!!

tiamat52956d ago

Soon everyone will know about it. Commecials have started, Subway promotion are already underway, kiosks until next year and Coca Cola promotion all set. Get ready to Move.

SexyPrawns2956d ago

I haven't seen it on Coke products yet. When will it start?

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The story is too old to be commented.