What You Should Buy With PlayStation Move

PSLS: The PlayStation Move launch is upon us. Planning on picking one up today? Make sure you’re prepared. We’ll tell you what you should pick up to get the most out of your PlayStation Move and why.

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doctorstrange2955d ago

And Tumble, already got Eyepet, Heavy Rain, and MAG.

Can't wait for KZ3

iamnsuperman2955d ago

I am undecided by sports champions....I am waiting till I am reunited with my PS3 (at uni going back in 2 days) and see what it is like on the demo disc....If its good I will get it but I am going to spend my time playing RUSE

doctorstrange2955d ago

No gladiator or archery, just ping pong and disc throwing

nnotdead2955d ago

would get Sport Champions because i need the bundle. would also like to play MAG to see how well it works.

DavePSU2955d ago

Informative article ;) I don't think enough people know that the Nav controller isn't really necessary right now.

T3mpr1x2954d ago

True, though using the SIXAXIS/DS3 with one hand is a bit cumbersome...

Glasscocked2955d ago

Zero excitement going on with anything that has to do with move. Where are the ads? Where are the headlines? come on! It's almost like Sony itself doesn't even care.

jneul2955d ago

I saw a move as on a bus stop, so they are advertising now plz, go to gamestation and try it out, my guess is the huge move promo with coke has not started yet, eyetoy managed to sell 10 million by word of mouth so just think about it

Newtype2955d ago

Amazon has a big ad for the Move.

fafoon2955d ago

If you aint already got one
You better buy a Playstation 3

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The story is too old to be commented.