N4G's PAX Swag Giveaway Winners

N4G: We have the winners! For those that are curious, the winners were chosen at random from the eligible entries, to be eligible they had to: Be an N4G member, reply to the Blog with a picture in their oldest, grubbiest gaming shirt OR if they didn't have an old gaming shirt to be creative!

In fact, some of you were very creative, and while this creativity didn't earn you any extra chances it did make us smile, laugh, and occasional just gawk. Some entries were just so awesome we wish we had stuff for you - like Dysmorphic's crazy awesome outfit, or Isbilmannen and his unstoppable enthusiasm (or inebriation, staff is split on this one!). But, here are the winners:

Grand Prize: Mastrx204
First Runner-Up: donnyk
Second Runner-Up: noporcru623
Third Runner-Up: cgoodno
Fourth Runner-Up: USEYOURFIST

Failure to claim prize after 72 hrs from notification results in redraw for that prize. To claim prize reply to PM sent to your inbox when winners were announced Friday, September 17th.

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Christopher2957d ago

Wooo-hooo! infamous 2 shirt!

Congrats to everyone :)

Cat2957d ago


All you other winners make like cgoodno and reply to my PM! :)


just done it, yay i won something

Megaton2957d ago

Congrats guys.

Man... I just really wanted one of those jars of the Duke Nukem roids.


TheOnlyMastrx2957d ago

Thanks so much, and congrats to the other winners, great contest too.

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The story is too old to be commented.