Everyone Hates Medal of Honor

As Medal of Honor nears its release date, multiple figures of authority are speaking up and attempting to get the game banned. But, is it for the right reasons?

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xYLeinen2956d ago

An excellent read and many valid points. There are books and have been movies about the current conflict in Iraq, and like he states in the article, they have not been banned.

I'm not trying to act dumb or be naive here, but honestly I don't know why the government is reacting so hard on this!? There have been books, movies and previous games about war and you have been able to play both sides. I honestly don't get the dilemma.

dangert122956d ago

They will never ban these type of games, next gen consoles will have a tight as stat tracker you watch illuminat find out who is good for this or that bribe/threaten your ass and have you work for them or die or live but i dont no the end is near though

dangert122956d ago

@nycredude politics is everywhere

@iamnsuperman clever guy i like u

who wants a bet next gen the will make a game advertise it as some sort of army/steal what ever helped made by the milatary and it will be used for recruitment,

DERKADER2956d ago

I hate MOH because it's multiplayer is just a BF:BC2 mod that makes the game play like COD.

paintsville2956d ago

this is simply a sign of the times. It's a really sensitive subject for Americans and other countries' solders and/or citizens that are involved in this conflict. In my opinion this is simply another form of expression. The developers have chosen this theater because if it's current position in the front of people's minds at this time. I'm not saying it's right or wrong for them to do so.

iamnsuperman2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Its positive publicity for a bad situation for politicians....If they object to a current war game it makes them seem sympathetic to the war and the (non gaming) public will support them so for them good publicity......They will just say we want to ban games but they never will do it.... Certain games have been banned but games like this will not....Its all talk and no action that is how politics works

nycredude2956d ago

Seriously keep fucking politics far away from my games!!!

If anything they should ban scumbag politicians!

iamnsuperman2956d ago

considering the recent UK expenses scandal half of them should be in prison for fraud

DeadlyFire2955d ago

People will cry for anything if you tell them too.

Its just a game. There is no law against writing a book or playing a video game. There is nothing in Medal of Honor at all that offends me or should offend anyone else that exists. Its a war based game. Its going to have two sides and you are going to have those two sides fight it out online in multiplayer.

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outrageous2956d ago

I don't agree with banning anything but portraying and trivializing a war that is going on RIGHT NOW is pretty dumb. At the very least it's insensitive and at the worst extreme some sort of war time propaganda. People have been put in prison or worse death for far less.

I think EA made a mistake on not picking up on this aspect of the game. People are coming home in body bags every month in the countries mentioned in the article. If you had a family friend or member die recently in that war I don't think you would be happy about a video game portraying the battles and actually playing as the enemy against your home troops. All they had to do is call them a different name and there would be no debate. EA is lucky Obama ( Dem ) is in office and not a would be banned and they would be in Guantanamo for treason or something like that.

It's like the whole ground zero debate...nobody is saying you can't build a mosque anywhere you want, it's just insensitive to build it at ground zero where so many Americans lost their lives in that attack.

CobraKai2956d ago

Thousands upon thousands of lives were lost in WWII as well. Against an enemy far worse than the Taliban can ever be.

Medal of Honor was always about protraying WWII with authenticity. Now that it's in present day, they are continuing that tradition as they should. I just think it would actually be a disservice to all those who fought and died by fictionalizing everything in order to be more "sensitive".

BTW I am a Republican and I support this game.

JackBNimble2956d ago

" At the very least it's insensitive and at the worst extreme some sort of war time PROPAGANDA".

Really?What about all the war movies about the on going conflict from the last eight years?

The only difference between these movies and games is the "MEDIUM". If these movies are acceptable to American society, then to say that a game depicting the on going confict is insensitve and PROPAGANDA is hypocritical and ludacris.
BTW , it's nothing like the ground zero debate either!

HOSe2956d ago

the more i hear about the military/political figures wanting to ban this game. THE MORE I WANT IT!

djfullshred2956d ago

I thinking banning is wrong. However, I wouldn't buy it. My concience tells me it isn't cool to sit on my ass at home, making a fun game out of a current real situation where people are dying every day.

djfullshred2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

No. The FPS or 3PS games I buy are very much in the world of fiction, not military simulation.

iceman062955d ago

an awfully hard time trying to find a game to play...unless it's all sci-fi, futuristic stuff. The fact is that a lot of very prominent games are about "real situations". From Mafia to GTA, Red Dead Redemption to COD and MW...they all are based in reality (though most will take enough creative license to make it unique and fun). I respect your opinion and your right to play what you want...for whatever reasons. It is just my opinion that no one person is doing a disservice to himself, gaming, or our troops by playing this game. The disservice is that we don't see the truths until someone makes a movie, leaks something on Wikileaks, or speaks out despite the pressures to keep silent. Our news is censored to keep this war from having effect on our lives. Until we have someone in our lives that goes to this conflict, or know someone who has been killed. It's almost as though it isn't really happening...except for a few numbers on a crawler that you have to pay close attention to before you realize that someone has lost their lives. Overall, this is just one more avenue to tell a story...based in reality...and with full consent of the consultants that served in this conflict. Plus, as crazy as it sounds...I'd bet money that there are many service men in deserts waiting to kill some virtual Taliban ass.

MGRogue20172956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

It's the damn politicians & news journalists out there who have no interest in gaming that hate it.. Not the gamers!

... Why can't they realise that it's just a video game? At the end of the day, It's alot of fun to play & does no harm

It's really not any worse than some of the films that have been released in the past. :(

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