GameBlurb: Do Games Need Multiplayer To Be Sucessful?

When Dead Space 2 recently announced a multiplayer component to the game, I had to sit down and think, “Is it really necessary?” Dead Space was perfectly fine as a solitary experience and I never did once think it needed a mode where I could play with my friends. But these days more developers have felt that a game must be shipped with some sort of mode where you can interact with other human beings in order for it to be worth something to a consumers’ eyes. I think not.

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liquidxtension2957d ago

I'm more of a singleplayer person anyways but it would really suck if multiplayer ends up comprising what I like.

paintsville2957d ago

I agree.
Multiplayer tends to be a secondary concern for me. I am more interested in the developer actually taking the time to craft a good story and a solid campaign/single player experience.

darthv722957d ago

I like the single player element of a game more than multi. Maybe its because I started gaming back when the 2600 came out. Back then gaming was about an entertaining single player experience more than a competitive multiplayer bitchfest.

himdeel2957d ago

...and love single player and it's the core of most games for me I do enjoy cooperative story driven game play quite a bit. However I don't think every game needs multiplayer, more often than not it does seems like the single player mode is tacked on to the multiplayer for some games which genuinely isn't cool to me.

badz1492957d ago

I think this is the mindset of most 360 gamers out there and have been getting worst every year! they have to pay for Gold thus games with no MP simply go way down their priority or completely being overlooked. I bet this is one of the reason some games even the one that they hyped to the sky like Alan Wake didn't sell so well because many gold subscribers don't think that these games are making their $50 a year worth it! the downfall of this mindset is publishers will start releasing short campaign games with MP like CoD, Halo ODST or simply slap MP to crap games just to attract gamers like Soldier of fortune or the latest, Lost Planet2 or will put unnecessary MP portion into games that totally don't need it like Bioshock 2 and now Dead Space 2.

some 360 fanboys over here also always singling out games like Uncharted DF, GoW3, R&C, HS just because these games don't have MP but these are great games even without the MP!

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jaidek2957d ago

I really depends on the game, but generally I don't play multiplayer as often as I used to. Games like COD4 I would only play online and Bioshock 2 I didn't even care to try. I did play Uncharted 2 online and it was really well done, but I got my ass handed to me since I was late to the level up game.

Personally, give me an extra hour or two of well polished gameplay instead of multiplayer.

evildeli2957d ago

I've said it before, I've over multi player. I mean it's cool and all, but with amount of a$$hats online, it isn't worth it. Plus I usually buy a game for the single player. There are rarities like L4D and TF2, but they seriously did it right and covered it all. I don't need watered down versions.

deadreckoning6662957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Yeah, I'm done with online competitive shooter games. The cons outweigh the pros IMO

- If you buy a competitive shooter game months after its first released, you get ur ass handed you by more experienced people

- People with no lives who practice ALL day long get first place everytime and ruin the fun for everyone else who DO have lives.

- In games like Bad Company 2 where you have to rely on your team to win, you MANY times have people on your time who literally don't know what the hell their doing. These people bring down the entire team.

The only shooters that have brought me non-stop fun and little to no frustration would be the Halo and L4D franchises. In these games, even when I lose, I still have fun.

@Raztad- Nah, competitive shooters are really fun at first, but they just get boring really quickly for me. The only shooter(hopefully) coming to the PS3 that I'm looking forward to is L4D3. I like the small team aspect of it. And instead of working AGAINST each other, ur all working to survive as a team.

raztad2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Come on dead, dont say that. hope to see you next year in the KZ3 warzone.

More on point, having multplayer doesnt warrant commercial success either, but it increases the game longevity and owners are less prone to trade the game in.

Competitive multi is not essential, but coop (offline and online) definitely is a big plus.

evildeli2957d ago

deadreckoning666 said "- If you buy a competitive shooter game months after its first released, you get ur ass handed you by more experienced people "

So true! If you don't play multi from day 1, you'll never have enough experience and will get your butt handed too. Although leveling up online is a neat feature, pitting a lvl 1 vs a lvl 56 is completely unfair. And I paid for that? Pass!

vickers5002957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

-Before I get bubbled down and disagreed with for appearing to be one of those idiots who will only play a game with mp in it, read my comment first, as I clearly state that all of this is just my OPINION. I don't need MP in a game to buy and love it.

MP keeps me playing the game for a longer time though. Once I finish a campaign of a game, I never want to go back to replay it, since I already know what happens, there is no surprise.

There are those extremely RARE games that actually do make me want to play the campaign more than once, but there are too little these days. Only game I've actually enjoyed replaying (this generation) are Bioshock, inFamous, Borderlands (had co op though), and Resistance 1. Once the story is done with, that's it. Nothing else to do after beating the campaign except find collectibles and go trophy whoring, both not very fun things to do in my opinion.

Where as games like Warhawk, Bad Company 1 & 2, Killzone 2, Gears of War 1, Call of Duty 2, 4 & 5, RE5 Co op (with my friends), Socom Confrontation, Resistance 1 & 2, Burnout Paradise, Borderlands co op, WoW, and a few others have kept me going for much longer than most sp games (Fallout 3 took a huge chunk of my life away from me).

Don't get me wrong, I love SP when it's great, but that's often not the case. I want a game to leave me with great memories, and only a handful of games (this generation) have done that. With MP, I have a lot of great memories of personal accomplishments (things like getting a ridiculous kill that is nearly impossible to replicate, getting that last lucky shot against all ods that wins the game for my team, playing against my friends and getting one of those awesome kills on them and bragging to them about it and giving them sh*t for it, etc.), things that can most likely never be replicated again.

With single player, everything is already scripted out for you, and it's not really much of an accomplishment to kill an AI enemy, seeing as how they are so damn easy these days.

These are just MY experiences though, and my opinion, so don't go getting all pissed off like I'm stating my opinion as fact, because I'm not.

I prefer SP when it's downright amazing, but when it's not amazing, I prefer a fun MP match over a good, but not amazing sp playthrough (in most instances; even though Bioshock 2's SP wasn't amazing, I still prefer the sp of B2 to the mp of B2).

dinkeldinkse2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I would be happy if online multiplayer was not in 99% of the games that have it.

I use to love FPS and not care for WRPGs, but now it's almost the exact opposite because WRPGs don't usually have online multiplayer.

shak2957d ago

i pretty much only play games with multi-player capability

MicrocutsX22957d ago

Yeah just look at mass effec 1 and 2. I love both of them and they've done really well with just a single player campaign.

George Sears2957d ago

Depends on the genre. I think the only way a FPS can be succesful is with a well crafted Online multiplayer. There is too much competition on the FPS genre to not make one.

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