Edge: Halo: Reach Review

Bungie’s fifth Halo is precisely what you expect: a highlights package from one of the game series of the decade that wrings its mechanics dry while feeling as comfortable as a favourite pair of trainers. Reach is a fine conclusion to Bungie’s stewardship of the series, but that's what stops it from being anything more. Halo felt like the future. Reach is merely a brilliantly engineered present.

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movements2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Wow. This game must be good.

zootang2979d ago

It's Edge. I'm not saying it doesn't deserve the score but Edge are suspect.

shysun2979d ago

No it's not but they keep given out 9's and 10's. just don't get it.

Yes, i have the game halo fan boys.

T9X692979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

@shysun - Yea you do have the game, you only beat 3 missions and played 2 matches online and lost both. You sure do know how well this game should be rated from barley even playing it. I think I might go get the next big game coming out, play it for 3-4 hours and call it a day and review it without seeing all it has to offer.

Oh and you went -4 and -5 in both matches, no wonder you don't get it, you suck at it!

paintsville2979d ago

has done a great job with this franchise. I'm glad to see them getting the praise they deserve for producing such a high quality product.

plenty a tool2979d ago

it has a great campaign and co-op. firefight is brilliant, and the on-line is top all the features this game has.

a 9/10 is well justified.

Kurt Russell2979d ago

shysun got served ^^

nublar doesn't like the game ;)

shysun2979d ago

Sorry but having to put 2 clips into people just isn't fun to me. Oh yeah, I work and I can't beat games in one day like a lot of people.

Sp just isn't good, nor is the online that's why I took the game out and started playing TF2.

shysun2979d ago

How did I get served, He just proved That I have the game and don't even play it. Doesn't that sound like a game that you would give -9 to? It's a bad game, I don't see what you guys like in it.

On the other hand my 5 year old loves it. :o

T9X692979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

@shysun - How did you get served? You played 3 mission of the game on normal which couldn't have took you more than an hour at most, and 2 matches online that could have lasted a maximum of 24 minutes. The most you played this game is 2 hours and you think it doesn't deserve the score people are giving it, that actually beat the game and put time into multiplayer.

EDIT: Ok your point? I bought Uncharted 2, beat it, brought it back to Gamestop and got my money back, does that make Uncharted 2 a bad game, or a game that doesn't deserve the scores it gets? No. At least I completed Uncharted 2 and played the online for hours, it was just to boring for me. Where you played Reach for 3 missions and 30 min online and you can't "understand" why it's getting 9's and 10's. Maybe if you played the game and completed it, you might know why.

If your aim gets better, then yes people will stop eating bullets. Aim for the head.

shysun2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

When I put Uncharted 2 in I couldn't put it down, thats how good the damn game was to me. I bought into the hype(Reach) and the game is just meh.

So are you telling me that after mission 3 the game starts to become the 9 or 10 that you guys proclaim it to be. That after a few matches online People stop eating bullets? I doubt it.

edit: Some the the guys saying its a 10 haven't even touched the SP mode. but they can have an opinion and I can't.

It's crap to me, I'll finish the game but that's it, it sucks. it's a hipfire feast.

DelbertGrady2979d ago

lol @ shysun.

Anyways, only PS3 exclusives deserve high scores and you know it!

antz11042979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

LOL @shysun you got served AND burned.

All I've been playing so far is campaign single before I jump into multi, and dude, the story so far is awesome. "Tip of The Spear," thats all I've got to say.

I think what T9X69 is trying to get across is that you get better with the more you play. If you don't agree w/ that......well good luck.

kaveti66162979d ago


You did get kind of owned, man.

Also, if you don't like emptying clips into opponents then you shouldn't have gotten the game.

Halo is popular enough that people know how the game plays. You just suck at it. The Halo fans have decided that they like it.

Someone who doesn't like Halo can't say Halo is a bad game because their reasons for not liking the game are based on preferences rather than anything substantial.

I could say I don't like Killzone but that doesn't mean Killzone 2 isn't a great game. It just doesn't fit my preferences.

Either way, you suck at Halo. Move along.

thief2979d ago

The funny thing about trying to discredit his comments for not being goo at Halo is that Halo itself is such a noob game.
I can only imagine the the halo fanbois in KZ2 or MAG, trying their usual tactics of running solo in a purple suit while jumping like a monkey, spraying and praying and grenade spamming all the way - it would be a massacre

number472979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

the single player of Halo isn't strong. The story isn't told anywhere near the quality of the Uncharted series, but thats because the focus is catering to Halo Multiplayer fans. Uncharted's SP is like watching an action movie, the professional actors/voice actors tie it all together as well. Halo is more like Killzone2 when it comes to the story telling.. cheesy.. meatheadish.. Which most reviews stay consistent with, when it comes to the campaign, its just a bit flat. Its pretty clear, considering thats whats improved the most over the years. The MP Halo1 was still the best told halo story/campaign out. The rest have all been... HURRY UP AND GET TO THE MULTIPLAYER

In Halo's defense...

Uncharted online has you shooting clips into folk as well.

Halo is an easy shooter compared to COD/Counterstrike/Arma/Socom etc.. lets not pretend you have to be a uber god to play it well. You're just up against people who have played it longer. Not too tactical.

The Lazy One2979d ago

"I can only imagine the the halo fanbois in KZ2 or MAG, trying their usual tactics of running solo in a purple suit while jumping like a monkey, spraying and praying and grenade spamming all the way - it would be a massacre"

good luck getting into a decent division playing like that. You'd get your ass handed to you.

bjornbear2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

but reach scored the same as ODST...

does that seem fair and consistent?

idk...I would have thought Reach >>>> ODST....=/

this isn't doubting Reaches quality (it seems to be best Halo since CE - the only one I liked)

i'm doubting EDGE's consistency...or lack of thereof.

darkequitus2975d ago


If it take 2 clips to bring an NPC down on normal, then you are doing something wrong

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ironcreed2979d ago

It is good, simple as that.

outrageous2979d ago

I think 9/10 is a fair score for Reach. If your a Halo fan and are one of the people that have been waiting for Reach it is a 10/10. If you don't like FPS's and Sci-fi stories it may be a 5/10...the point is everyone is entitled to their opinions but I do think you have to play through the entire game before offering an opinion on it not just watch the trailers. Of course you need a 360 for

otherZinc2979d ago

but disagree with the score. Reach is much better than Halo 3 & Halo 3 was great.

If you have to pay real money to upload to whatever they said in the article, then the score should be lower!

Great article & great game!

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Shanks2979d ago

After reading this - http://edgevsmeta.blogspot....
I think Edge should be banned from this site.

vhero2979d ago

Agreed EDGE are as biased as they come but the fact they didn't give the game 10/10 considering they are biased towards 360 means it mustn't be as good as previous 360 Halo games.

plenty a tool2979d ago

if you weren't so much of a sony fanboy your comment could almost be taken seriously.

but as a proud owner of reach myself, i can tell you that this game is top notch, and must have for any gamer...

yes i do own both consoles

antz11042979d ago

Well how about all the other reviews? Mostly 9/10 across the board. But if you want to believe that 2+2=5 logic you just spewed out and not play the game....your loss I guess.

hoops2979d ago

[email protected] Hero....
How shocking you would say this LOL

Christopher2979d ago

I agree with the argument that Edge has some huge issues with the way they review certain games.

But, I don't see how this score is a poor one considering it reflects the average score we've seen.

Why o why2979d ago

The blind will see no evil and here no evil because the truth and facts often hurts and makes a mockery of their naivety and its why people disagree without responding to the findings of that article....its so predictable and quite funny now

Please bookmark this page so when Edge gives a ps3 exclusive a score which actually makes sense i can tell you you will see and hear something along the lines of 'how can edge be bias if they've given x game a great score' Im enjoying halo but that really isnt the point here..

Xwow20082979d ago

Halo3 a 10/10!!!!
from what ive seen reach is a better game than halo3 but they gave it 9/10.

vhero2979d ago

Nah its got that new game shine so people are gonna think its better right now. Doesn't mean it is..

Sez 2979d ago

So I'm taking it you will making the same comment when lbp2 and gt5 release am I right or are you here just seeking attention?

nnotdead2979d ago

if you really think LBP and previous GT games are better than LBP2 and GT5, then go right a head and make the same comment. maybe he really thought Halo3 was better. maybe he is just trolling, but i thought we weren't suppose to feed the trolls.

Sez 2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I don't know if your new here or not. But Vhero doesn't own a 360 nor has he show any interest in any game on the 360. So I find it kind of hard to taking anything he says serious if he's constantly bash every game on the 360. I don't like LBP or GT. But you won't see me in those threads trolling because I don't like the game or bashing any of Sony exclusives. It's better for me not to comment and stay clear of that thread.

If you don't like halo. That's fine more power to you. I don't like GT or many of ps3 exclusives. But you won't see me bashing games for the ps3 every chance I get.

AEtherbane2979d ago

It doesn't matter weather a game gets a 2, or a 9 by Edge, i simply dont read, nor trust any of their reviews.

gypsygib2979d ago

I love the game, hate the ghosting.

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