Are We As Gamers Turning Into Spoiled Brats?

It’s a game eat game world, and you are all to blame for it.

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dangert122957d ago

Pay for online
Pay for armor DLC
Reedeem codes to play online
Glitch Fest Games
Game price Increase
DLC to finish of the game story or to get a level from the game back
unlock codes
closing of servers
bayonetta ps3 version
kinect(we know it dont work how it should)
nintendo not being honest about the wii
wii motion plus addon £25 extra
sub controllers and motion controllers sold seperately
Six axsis controller
new 360 controller with new battry pack
360's rip off HDD
perposley making the ps3 version the same as the 360 version even though we paid for that power to be utilised
(atleast sony are backing there machine)
lazy devs and there shit engines

oh yes were so spoilt

back in the days you could go into a shop eyes shut

pick up any game off the shelf and it would be good and hard to find a poor one this gen its the over way round you better go into that shop with ya eyes open and research on what your picking up or else you will feel raped for you cash for example halo odst

dangert122957d ago

Don't thank me you spoilt brat ;) lol

SilentNegotiator2956d ago

Well said, fellow spoiled brat. We gamers are so ridiculous with our "sense of entitlement" for the "community service" that we pay developers/publishers for.

How can we be spoiled enough to be responsible consumers and want quality products for cheaper prices? Spoiled, SPOILED gamers.

darthv722956d ago

yes this generation above all else is very spoiled. Not to mention, the gamers of this gen have so many more expectations because of being spoiled.

Go back a few gens and gamers were glad to get what they got and didnt bicker like they do now. Then again, there wasnt the internet to give everyone a voice back then either.


i remember playing WRECKING CREW on NES for waaaaaaaaaaaay too long, and that game sucked..

vickers5002956d ago

Ah, the old "You're going to take it, and you're going to like it. Why? Because we said so." approach to things.

Gotta say, it's not really my thing to take it up the a$$ and be $crewed out of my hard earned money, but it's fine if that's your thing.

I wont judge you.

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SpaceSquirrel2957d ago

This gen hasn't been flawless. Some of the complaints are justified.

Akagi2956d ago

Has any gen been truly flawless?

Christopher2956d ago

Who's paying for online?
Who's forced to buy DLC?
Why are redeem codes bad for playing online?
Aren't unlock codes the exact same as DLC?
Companies are supposed to keep losing money on old servers?
How many times you going to bring up DLC?
Games shouldn't cost more even though the cost to make games cost twice as much from last gen?
Are all devs really that lazy that we don't enjoy games?

I think, personally, it's both sides. Gamers have become a group of self-entitled complainers. On the flip side, game companies are making some business decisions that are profitable but not best for the consumer. I also think many companies who aren't putting the effort into advancing their game tech are making others look bad, but there are still developers out there who kick some serious arse when it comes to graphics and gameplay.

HDgamer2956d ago

Disc locked content or downloadable is stupid. I can see if the download is new maps that aren't even in the game that's good. But stuff that's already on the disc, that's a waste of money and time.

Christopher2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Yeah, but you're not forced to buy into it either. I've yet to see on the disc DLC that's been integral to the overall game and been worth more than one or two extra hours of gameplay, if even that.

I'm not arguing that it's a good idea or anything, but we're not forced to buy into it. In fact, they will continue to do it _until_ people stop buying into it.

So, again, it's both sides. They do something stupid, but we end up supporting the heck out of it and they end up doing it some more.

Godmars2902956d ago

How about game content being cut so it can be made into paid DLC? Paid DLC that use to be Unlockable content?

Unicron2956d ago

How about game content cut due to production time or budget reasons (it happens to EVERY game), and then saved from oblivion as DLC?

Not EVERY studio cuts things JUST to put it in DLC you know.

dangert122956d ago


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ElementX2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Game price increase is due to development costs. The dollar today isn't worth as much as the dollar 10 years ago when games were $49.99. Salaries/wages of employees increases every year so the cost of their products will naturally rise. Furthermore, studios now employ A LOT more employees than they did 10 years ago. They have to pay them somehow.

You paid more for your PS3 so multiplatform games should be better on PS3? That doesn't make any sense at all. You paid for a PS3, I paid for my PS3, I don't expect multiplats to utilize the full potential of the PS3. That's up to the exclusives, imho.

You sure have a lot of issues. Of course new controllers would be sold separately. Do you think they're going to travel back in time and release the Move upon PS3 launch?

If you want to complain so much about gaming, find a new hobby

nnotdead2956d ago

development cost isn't my concern. maybe the should be working harder to find ways to bring cost down.

wages have not increased if you adjust for inflation. its actually come down a bit.

Unicron2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Not your concern? I can't believe the constantly damning attitude of some gamers. They demand the best, but once valid reasons for why prices are the way they are arise, they say tough.

Most devs ARE working harder to bring costs down. But devs don't control inflation, or the cost of software/hardware to make games.

Gaming prices as a whole have probably inflated the LEAST out of the entertainment industry.

nnotdead2956d ago

damn straight tough. there are plenty of AAA quality games being developed for 10-20 million dollars. games like GeOW and Uncharted. those games are the top 10% of what the gaming industry has offered this gen, and they can maintain reasonable development cost.

its not my faulty Rocstar, Guerrilla, Square, and others spend 50-100 million on game development. maybe they should learn from others about cost management.

you last point isn't true at all. movie ticket prices have stayed around the same price in my area, and DVDs cost less. Blu-rays cost less than what i was paying for DVDs a few years ago. you can go into music as well. i remember every new CD to come out was $20-30 when they first came out. when was the last time you paid that much for music? the IPad and ereaders are bring down the cost of print as well. unless you talking about comic books, every form of entertainment has stayed relatively the same or cost less now.

Bigpappy2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

When you say "we", who are you refering to. I am a gamer and have no idea who you are talking to. I am looking forward to Kinect, and have no idea how kinect is suppose to work, cause I have never used one before. I Know you guy had Eyetoy and you don't think Kinect is as good as Eyetoy. I or none of the casuals never played the Eyetoy.

On topic: Just reading your rant answers the question with a resounding "Yes!" N4G is home to some of the bigest cry babies. There is something call choice. You can choose to not buy a 360 and avoid RROD. You do not have to buy DLC. You can ignore Kinect and pick up a Wii or Move or even stick to a controller. So why wine about what other people choose to do with their cash, and the options that companies offer. I am quite happy that there are many choices out there. Many that I will never choose to use.

hot-sauce2956d ago

perposley making the ps3 version the same as the 360 version even though we paid for that power to be utilised true true

kaveti66162956d ago

"back in the days you could go into a shop eyes shut

pick up any game off the shelf and it would be good and hard to find a poor one "

ah, the mind of the deluded.

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George Sears2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

It's just like sex. You get all pumped about it but once you cum you lose interest. (at least for like 15 min.)


you both just got bubbled up! :D

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