Best Video Game Character Redesigns (RunDLC)

Capcom made huge waves this week with its Devil May Cry reboot, which features a redesigned Dante. Gone is the fair-haired pretty boy fans have grown to love, replaced by a badass and battle scarred teenager who has drawn plenty of criticism.

Personally, we love the new look, and it’s just one example of a character that received a much needed makeover. Here now, are a few of our favorites.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Raoh2957d ago

this is a silly article..

the premise is interesting but i dont think a toon look counts.. and young solid snake compaired to old solid snake is not a redesign its an old and young snake in two time periods, its like comparing me at 36 to me at 15 years old and calling it a redesign..

do people re read and think about what they write before they publish it?

Buff10442957d ago

What, are you kidding me? Toon Link doesn't count? That's a straight up redesign of an iconic character. And Snake definitely counts.

Your point makes no sense. In that case, Dante is not a redesign at all. It's just the same old Dante when he was 17, but when he had black hair instead of white.

Godmars2902957d ago

How is toon Link a redesign? In all other cases, all other iterations of a Zelda title hes been stylized in the art form of the game. Is always recognizable *AS* Link. What's going on with Dante is the opposite, with not only his form but weapon being altered to the point its unrecognizable.

donniebaseball2957d ago

I'm not so sure I like the Dante DmC redesign.

Buff10442957d ago

I think it works. Why was the last Dante so cool, anyway?

saf1007922957d ago

he just fuckin was and everyone loved it lol. i mean i would be a bit cocky too if i knew how to throw my sword and have it come back like a boomerang haha

TheDCD2957d ago

It was the silver hair, really. New Dante looks damn emo.

Buff10442957d ago

Well it's a goth style game, right? How does a silver haired dude even fit in with it?

xTruthx2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

IMO new dante looks ghey(lame)

albel_nox2957d ago

MGS4 Snake looked so old and terrible I almost didn't want to play the game. Luckily I can't refuse a Metal Gear(except possibly Rising) and the character design didn't stop it from being an awesome game.

Buff10442957d ago

Yeah it was still enjoyable despite geriatric Snake.

saf1007922957d ago

was it really a character redesign? snake looks like snake in all of the metal gears. This one he is just much older because of the aging issue. This dante has almost no similarities with the old dante. Big difference if u ask me

cyberwaffles2957d ago

i actually really liked old snake and his appearance in MGS4. its the only TPS with an old player protagonist.

Nate-Dog2957d ago

How can one say and old, dying and depressive Snake is better than the character we saw in MGS and MGS2?
And MGS4 Raiden better than MGS2's? Well I'm sure others will agree with that, but turning from a realistic character confused about his life and what he's supposed to do, into a depressed and irritating cyborg-ninja isn't exactly my idea of a good character redesign.

Buff10442957d ago

I think I would rather have a cyborg ninja than the whiny guy, tho.

Nate-Dog2957d ago

Fair enough and I know probably lots of others would agree but I found him more annoying in MGS4. He just dragged down every scene and could hold of ships while drawing lightning from the ceiling. Tell me that isn't annoying!

Galaxia2957d ago

I totally agree. Old Snake almost ruined Snake for me. He was way to depressing, and was a chain smoker too. Yeah he smoked in the others but no where near the extent in MGS4.

Raiden sucked more in 4 than 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.