European Game Awards results are in, Limbo and Heavy Rain the big winners

Limbo was elected 2010′s best game Indy game at the European Game Awards and Heavy Rain raked in the awards. The full list of winners is after the jump...

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Hands Up For Games2980d ago

Big congrats to both Heavy Rain and Limbo. 2 really deserving titles of any accolades going!

dangert122980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I want to play Heavy Rain but dont want to pay so much for something i don't consider a game is it worth it? or shell i wait it out abit more?

Reason why im asking is cause it looks very interesting but then it looks like something i wouldt play as it lacks in in general gameplay if you know what i mean

r0gueZA2980d ago

I had the same mentality...but it sounds like we're missing out.

r0gueZA2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

*sorry* double post