EDGE: Formula 1 2010 Review

Never let it be said that you can learn nothing about a game from the ageing, apparently random chunk of licensed music that plays before you press Start. There are many poignant verses in Ian Brown’s acrostic FEAR, one of which describes Formula 1 2010 to a tee. “Forget Everything And Remember,” it goes - and so Codemasters has.

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retrofly2958d ago

Despite other reviews giving it better scores, this is actualy my favirote review. Sweet.

Day one for me, well hopefully minus 1 or 2 days, *crosses fingers*

FishCake9T42958d ago

If it gets an 8 from Edge, its going to be a good game.

Pandemic2957d ago

Yeah, good review, interesting read.

Def Warrant2958d ago

Man...don't you just love EDGE? /s

Valkyre2958d ago

Wait till you see EDGE's review for GT5!!!


Reason: Its on PS3 (just that is enough)


So glad I haven't give them a single hit for 3 years now :)

Si-Fly2958d ago

They're so biased against PS3 they gave LBP a 10/10 and Uncharted 2 a 9/10
... Idiot.

raztad2958d ago


"EDGE is biased to give 360 exclusives higher scores and PS3 exclusives lower scores. Their scores should not be taken at face value, as the platform unfortunately influences a game's score on EDGE. EDGE magazine has well written reviews, but their journalistic integrity is questionable."

Si-Fly2958d ago

Totally disagree. The PS3 fanboys moan about the scores for games like Metal Gear, Killzone and GOW but in my opinion the marks Edge gave those games were spot on!

The PS3 exclusives that have been truly worthy of a high score, LBP and U2, got the appropriate scores from Edge.

It's you that's biased because as an owner of just a PS3 you aren't able to offer an objectionable opinion between exclusives.

snp2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

There's also the problem that's it's not a British made game (GT5). Edge's scores have always been 'generous' for stuff native to their country - i love Codemasters, but each game they produce is just about indistinguishable from the last, and yet they pretty much always get 8's slapped on them.

I think the one 10 they have given out to a PS3 game - LBP - was also a home grown (ie. British) product, actually.

Course people are welcome to completely agree with their opinion's on anything and everything, but the only objective statistical evidence that you can compare is Edge's score against all the other publications - on that front there is no debate, is a simple fact there's a 'statistical bias' against ps3 product (again, even if one thinks that's just smashing, Edge has it right etc etc - it is what it is, ie. 'a statistical bias').

Si-Fly2958d ago

Brilliant review, an 8 from Edge means I'm gonna love this game!

Pandemic2957d ago

Yeah, the game looks great.

SnakePlissken2957d ago

Graphics look very nice too, might have to get this. Have not bought a Formula racing game since the dreamcast. This might be the one to get and with Ian Brown on the playlist, thats just one more reason for me to get this!