PS3 Fixer may be the cure for the PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death

Post reads: "We have heard numerous accounts of PlayStation owners going through, what is believed to be overheating issues and whitnessing the dreaded Yellow Light of Death."

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EYEamNUMBER12955d ago

if it is then what does it matter to me now
my phat is gone and its never coming back and it took my precious BC with it

na2ru12955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

replacing it by Sony would have been the best way to go. Even after 3 years, which is way out of guarantee, they manufacture a brand new 60GB PS3 with BC. The best part of it is, it's all covered in cling film unlike when we brought the 60GB back in the days. They also deactive the old PS3 for you.

This is based off my experience with my PS3 60GB which did unfortunately die after 3.5yrs.

And I thought my 60GB was irreplaceable. I was very pleased with the service and the price since 60GB PS3s are priceless.

Edit: Forgot to mention, replacements comes with 4usbs and memory card slots and even I found that hard to believe.

AliTheBrit192955d ago

What the hell?

All of that is lies

Sony no longer make the old phat 60GB PS3 with BC, and now that its out of warranty they WOULD charge you like £120

CadDad2955d ago

This is correct. I lost the power supply in my PS3 due to over-heating.
^_ my fried 60 gig PS3 Power Supply board.

I reluctantly paid the $149 fee to have it 'fixed' and they sent me what appeared to be a brand new 60 gig PS3 with all the card slots, usb ports, etc wrapped in cling wrap like na2ru1 said. The serial number is different from my original and the only difference I can tell between the two is the new one has a different sounding fan that ramps up under heavy use.


EYEamNUMBER12955d ago

if i could have replaced it by sony i would have done so my phat died and i mean died as in gone for good cannot be repaired so that's why my precious BC is gone and i really miss it right now

TEFL0N_D0N_812955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

A big fat disagree from me. I loved my 60gb PS3, and I paid $150 to Sony to get it fixed. Their shitty 90 day warranty afterwards obviously didn't cover anything because the repaired 60gb PS3 tanked again (with the same symptoms + YLOD). Not saying your experience is rubbish, but people reading this thread should read both sides of the argument of Sony's quality control for repairing consoles. I've ended up getting two consoles for each iteration of MS and Sony.

2 PSOnes (in fact, it was an upgrade, the old one didn't croak)
2 PS2s (the launch died, got a slim)
2 PS3s 60 gb phat (horrible investment), Slim afterwards
2 Xboxes (1 was modded, sorry I couldn't pass on the SNES + Genesis emulators)
2 360s launch miraculously survived just fine until I traded it for an upgrade.

Consoles eventually bust. The PS3 60gb was the worst of them all (sorry MS haters, but it's my truth).

Oddly, the most reliable consoles to me were SNES, Dreamcast, Game Cube. My N64 lived for a while, but the AV port in the back got burnt out and fed bleeding colors to the TV.

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kagon012955d ago

Probably stolen free content in order to make a quick buck, like many scam sites...

testerg352955d ago

Yeah I agree.. probably just a collection of tutorials that's already on the net.

NJShadow2955d ago

This is so fake it's not even funny. If you REALLY want to fix a YLOD PS3, then you'll want to start here... (video embeded below)

testerg352955d ago

That only works for so long. It will eventually go back to ylod. :(

NJShadow2955d ago

Yeah, no kidding. At least that will actually get it working so you can back-up your data, unlike a scam DVD.

Theonik2955d ago

Hence why these guys give you only a 60 day warranty :P

GiggMan2955d ago

I just got the YLOD, how long does these fixes last? Also if you get it fixed through Sony, is usually a permanent fix.

Highlife2955d ago

@giggman I have fixed my ps3 from the ylod 3 times. The fist time I fixed it it lasted 2 months the second time about the same and the last time i did it was about 5-6 months ago so knock on wood it keeps on going. I used the same video that NJshadow posted. It is not hard at all. Great thing about it is that it only costs about 20 to 25 dollars for the heat gun and thermal compound.

@pixelsword that is the YLOD it goes from green to yellow to red the yellow light is only seen for a split second. The yellow light doesn't remain.

GiggMan2955d ago

Thanks for the reply (one helpful bubble to you). Would you recommend the fix or letting Sony fix it. I can go without for a few weeks if need be.

Highlife2955d ago

@giggman I went with the fix for 2 reasons money is tight for me right now and the other is i like my fat ps3. I didn't want to send it in to get fixed and spend $150 I would rather get a new slim when i have the money. The fix is not hard and it only takes about 40 min with cooling time. The only downside for me is that I don't know when it will die again. So I always get nervous when doing a firmware update. I think taht this is a temporary fix till i can get a new ps3 slim. If you don't want to get a new one have sony fix it.

pixelsword2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

The only problem I have with that clip is that the PS3 didn't actually have YLOD, as it would have had a yellow light instead of a cycle; I know, because I had YLOD.

Not to say it wouldn't work, but the Yellow light remains. :(

prunchess2955d ago

I went out and bought 2 other YLOD phat PS3s for parts, after my BRD went on my 60gig BC Euro launch PS3. I've reflowed my original phat after it YLODed on me after 3 years of use and it is still working now. I've got a good working knowledge of how to repair these phat PS3s and I can't see how a disc could fix this problem.

Anyone know how this disc could work?

NJShadow2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

All I can say is that I'm 99% sure that it doesn't. This is an old product, and I'm sure if it actually worked, business would be booming right now and people would be torrenting this like crazy... which obviously isn't the case.

Holeran2955d ago

It sprinkles fairy dust on the internals of your PS3 while spinning in the Blu-Ray drive. Brilliant concept.

spunnups2955d ago

Couldn't live without my Fatty PS3. Can't beat having BC and 4 USB's.

freezola752955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Mines is a sad tale. I love my 60 gb had it replaced 3 times. I had a launch console so after the 1st update, the ps3 bricked. Then 2 YLOD and the one that I am on now, I just had to have a guy replace the laser.

I'm telling you.. I know most of you guys are smarter than me BUT I wouldn't dare going into my ps3. I found a tech guy who knows his shit! So I pay this guy. Clean your ps3 fans regularly like every 6 months. I am not talking vacum cleaned. You guys that know your stuff can just go in and just wipe your fans mother board all that stuff... I am not f***in with that.

However I do have someone who does and thats enough for me. I can't afford that $150 anymore. and I think that that 2 year protection plan for the slims ps3 are pretty sad... they know that with the slim ps3 on the market, all of the YLOD issues are pretty much put to rest! It's simply less likely to break down on you. So why would you need the protection plan all of sudden for the slim? The rest of us with the CECHAO1 models just have to make due I guess :(

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