Resident Evil creator staying clear of Resi 6

Shinji Mikami, the man responsible for creating the hugely successful Resident Evil franchise, has revealed he's trying to keep his distance from Resident Evil 6.

Mikami is now at Platinum Games, putting the finishing touches on SEGA's sci-fi action title Vanquish. At TGS earlier this week, the developer told that no matter how good or bad Resident Evil 6 ends up being, he'll end up frustrated by it.

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NYC_Gamer4636d ago (Edited 4636d ago )

Capcom might as well kill off this series...because without the original creator its dead in my opinion

Natsu X FairyTail4636d ago (Edited 4636d ago )

Okami and viewtful joe were pretty good games and I understand why some of the devs left Capcom because capcom always rely on the same games. I'd be mad as a Dev if I would want them to explore some of my new Characters or ideas but they 1st thing they would ask me is If I have come with Some new Resident Evil stuff.

I say f1ck it and let's enjoy some Platinum Game so more!

madao4635d ago

Those two games are masterpieces from artistic point of view but failed as consumer products. Crapcom offered to market them but Clover refused. To be fair, the company was millions of dollars in the red and it wouldn't make sense not to cut loose a studio that has complete disregard for things like cost and ROI, and blindly pursues pure artistic values in what they produce.

madao4635d ago

Pretty sure they are already doing that by shifting focus and resource to Dead Rising series.

TrevorPhillips4636d ago

nooooooooooooooooooo, my favorite game of all time :'(

Dellis4636d ago

Oh no they will ruin this just like DMC, they will give the franchise to some BS devs

TrevorPhillips4636d ago

How can you do this to us Capcom, you guys where awesome but now you guys are letting your fans down :(

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