“Lots to see” of FF Agito XIII, Versus XIII “in the future,” says Square

VG247: Square Enix has told VG247 there’ll be “lots to see” of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII “in the future,” following two videos of the games leaking from TGS this morning.

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Nate-Dog3006d ago

Even though it has been leaked, Nomura did say that they wanted to release this footage to people online who couldn't attend TGS so it's a bit unfair for SE to say that they wanted to keep these videos as special treats for only those that went to TGS.

gtamike3006d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII TGS leak MP4 :)

nix3006d ago

wait.. where have i heard it before?

Greek God3006d ago

why are you getting disagrees lol
heres a bubble+

KiRBY30003006d ago

i heard from square enix at TGS, last year. they said they would have lots of info coming in january 2010 or something.

a full year later, we've seen 2 pics in famitsu. that's it.

DA_SHREDDER3006d ago

what the hell? why are they slapping the FF13 on these games? Also, I seen the vids, the game doesn't look all that good. I was expecting more from Nomura. Whatever, i give up on Squarenix for good now.

wazzim3006d ago

Square wont miss you at all, even if all N4G members stopped with buying square games, they will still sell tons and tons of copies.

Like always, haters gonna hate.

bjornbear3006d ago


are you a FF fan? because you don't sound like one, you just sound bitter at everyone's disappointment

Nomura DID state videos would be posted online during TGS/after TGS

they haven't

fans have the right to be disappointed. stop being so cynical, if you have a problem with everyone's displeasure then just don't bloody read the comments.

wazzim3006d ago

I am a big FF fan, why don't I sound like one? Don't jump on conclusions so fast bro.
It's just that people bash square for everything because it's they're really big now and use PR tactics that every other big company does. (like EA)

Nomura is a designer, not god inside Square. It isn't like Kojima where he's vice president or something.

And no, I don't play sales but I'm not talking about gaming but about business, besides do you play trailers? lol

All I wanted to say is: Saying things like "square is dooomeeeddd, nobody will buy their stuff!!!11" is just not true and ignorant.

Eamon3006d ago

I found the video to be pretty cool. It's the journalists who over-hyped it with their crazy analysis before we watched the leaked video.

Lazy_Gamer3006d ago

Judging by how long SE take to make and release games, I'd say in the future means a pretty long time.

Omega Zues3006d ago

oh SE, you cant fool me no longer. I wont hold my breath at all for any thing you have to release.

Goldsack3006d ago

...on shredder.

FFversus turtle will pwn you :D

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The story is too old to be commented.