Why The Japanese Industry Needs Western Developers

Now that the trade section of Tokyo Games Show has passed, NowGamer looks at the announced projects between east and western studios such as DMC, Shadows Of The Damned and more. It looks at why Japanese gaming is perhaps falling behind the times and why a Western influence may help Japanese developers expand.

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Kain813007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

They don´t need western devs they should do what they have done, in the last two decades....since they tried to cater to the west, its going bad...

Baliw3006d ago

Why Western gamers need to be open minded about japanese Industry.

Reibooi3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Kain could not have said it any better then that.

It was only after the Japanese companies tried to make games that appeal to the west that they started to go downhill. Forcing your people to make games they don't want to make for a culture they don't understand will make that game fail.

However if you make the game you want and have a passion for it it's gonna show in your game. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a pretty good example of this.

Granted we have not PLAYED it yet but from what we have seen it looks much better we have heard it's more like the final fantasy games of years past and it's because that's the game Nomura wanted to make not the one he is being forced to make.

rockleex3006d ago

'Nuff said. -_-"

Street Fighter 4 was a huge success because they took it back to its ROOTS.

Westernizing your games will GET RID of its roots.

I will just sit back and laugh at all those Japanese developers as they fail at Westernizing over and over again to bankruptcy.

Hopefully then, they'll realize how RETARDED they are. And hopefully then, Sony will be able to buy their studios and talent and put it to good use.

xino3006d ago

SSF4 was only a success to the hardcore fanboys of the game.
Once again Japan used the same old concept for SF4, it's exactly the same as SF2 with few new game play features and better graphics.
And Capcom called it a new game:/

Japan can't make something new, they are so used to their same old concept.

Fadetoblack693006d ago

/agree! Japanese Devs need to continue to make the amazing games they always have. I am NOT impressed but some of the latest stuff and sure as hell don't want their creativity influenced by some of the garbage we have here!

Game13a13y3006d ago

there are great devs on both east and west, the author is an idiot clearly

wazzim3006d ago

Why? Western devs are doing a great job and I bet games like Lost Planet would be better with help from studios like Epic.

TheBatman_Fanatic3006d ago

I said it before and I'll say it again, that's why I love Tales, not 'westernized'in quality at all. Now all they have to do is bring it over here.

Abriael3006d ago

If that scrawny twilight lookalike version of Dante is an indicator of the results achieved by western developers on japanese IPs, then thanks, but no thanks.

If i play a Japanese game, I play it, between other things, for it's original flavor.

If I want to play a westernized game, I'll just buy one of the hundreds western games that crowd the market.

DigitalAnalog3006d ago

Regardless of what you may say, their games are still FUN as heck and can do so without "Western" interference.

Same can be said about Shinji Mikami (he didn't need a western dev to create Biohazard/Resident Evil or Vanquish).

And then there's Team ICO. Seriously, he even quotes "DMC" OF ALL things followed by "Why Japanese gaming is perhaps falling behind the times and why a Western influence may help Japanese devs stand". Contradictory much?

-End statement

xino3006d ago

He's talking about Japanese devs always using the same old method and concept when making games, they never change.

And you are mentioning Nintendo!? shinki mikami? lol
you do know their games add nothing new right?
when are we gonna see Mario Hack n Slash eh? if Nintendo are always doing Change in their games, we would see a Mario FPS or some sh* rather than the same old over used platformer.

DigitalAnalog3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

I'm sorry, but welcome to year 2010 where Lost Planet, Final Fantasy XIII, Biohazard/Resident Evil 5 exist. <--old method and concept? NO. Reception. Extremely poor.

"Nintendo/Shinji Mikami add's nothing new".

And what exactly did GeOW II did SO differently that part I. Since what did Halo: Reach did SO differently except expand what was already available on Halo 3 and ODST. You DO realize that Shinji Mikami REVOLUTIONIZED TPS with Biohazard 4? He created games like GodHand and Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7, Dino Crisis and director of the FIRST "Devil May Cry". Notice how these "elite" Japanese devs are leaving the major Japanese publishers.

You CANNOT re-invent the wheel every single time you make the game, you can take the same concept and work innovations around you. This is why SMG2 get's so many 10's. It's plays phenomenally, it's not the same as playing SMG.

The REAL problem is that Japanese devs are not STICKING to their own zone. If I wanted a western game I WOULD BUY A WESTERN GAME. What if I wanted a Japanese game? And guess what, nothing is really changing on the western side of devs. All their doing is improving graphics and introducing new gameplay mechanics to what is ALREADY available back in the PS2 era. Take off your "rose-tinted" glasses and you'll find western devs have been following the VERY principle you stated from the beginning: "Old method and concept when making games". It's simply because the plethora of AAA titles coming from that side gives them the "Get out of Jail" card for these sites.

-End statement

tinybigman3006d ago

Look what happened to their games that were influenced by the west. Those games didn't turn out so hot they did?

The japanese developers shouldn't worry about putting a western flair in their games; just do them with the passion they've always had, and they'll have a sale in my me if the game is very good.

Thank god Team Ico doesn't fall to the pressure of trying to westernized their games.

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Kalowest3007d ago

This is a hard comment, and the new DmC looks terrible.

saint_john_paul_ii3006d ago

to make their games look like Twilight...

look at new DMC....

timmyrulz3006d ago

The Wii and handhelds has fcuked up the Japanese Market, since these are the countrys biggest sellers, Devs create games for these which are at a good standard for those platfroms but when it comes to x360/PS3, they dont have as much experience and the standards required are much higher

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