Worldwide Weekly Chart for Week Ending 11th Sep 2010

Worldwide Hardware:

DS - 266,811
360 - 163,409
Wii - 142,592
PS3 - 124,621
PSP - 109,045
PS2 - 28,180

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B-Real2062955d ago

nice numbers all around

Red_Orange_Juice2955d ago

The only numbers I can trust are official reports Sony and MS provide every 3 months.

Anon19742955d ago

Absolutely. VGChartz are so far off the official data it's not even funny. And it's not the first time they've been this out to launch. They've consistently overtracked the 360, often claiming the 360 sold more consoles then Microsoft said they've even sold to retail. How can they be selling more consoles then they're shipping, VGChartz? For the first six months this year they overtracked the 360 by over 30% compared to Microsoft numbers, yet somehow had the total matching up to Microsoft's numbers, and yet they couldn't even get close to the PS3's real numbers, posting figures over 2 million off. Their PS3 figures are still 600,000 shy of what Sony officially released to their shareholders almost 3 months ago.

This site is not to be trusted. If you're interested in examining sales, watch for the official data which should hit around the middle of next month. The only reason to use VGChartz is just if you have want to have a laugh comparing official numbers to their guesstimates.

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commodore642955d ago Show
dkgshiz2955d ago

It's vgchartz take it for what it is.

MaximusPrime2955d ago

yea. VGChartz are a million more or less accurate.

trust the manufacturer's figure.

raztad2955d ago

Actually VGC keep underestimating PS3 sales at least by 2m.

Roonie2955d ago

360 slim hype has finally died down.

after reach small hardware bump next week Wii will be top again(like always) when holiday sales boost starts to come in, while ps3 still has GT5 to come.

also next week should have a minor hardware boost for ps3/360 due to PSmove and reach.

shadyiswin2955d ago

The hype had died lol that's nearly a hundred thousand in a week before halo was released, the hype isn't going any where, the hype will carry into november for kinect then use halo kinect and fable to dominate this holiday, good luck worth lbp2 and gt5, seriously I mean it good luck, your killer app god of war just got to 3 mill, halo reach did that in 1 day.good luck, bye haters (:

Lord Gunchrote2955d ago

Thats the only significant exclusive you'll play all year tardo

Goldsack2955d ago

..should be banned from the net.

Prcko2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Ok,now real information about all time salles for xbox360 and ps3!!!

Worldwide: 41.7 million (as of June 30, 2010)
VgChartz - 43.1

Worldwide: 38.1 million (as of June 30, 2010)
VgChartz - 37.6 million!!!

so ps3 is around 4 million behind xbox

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