Safety Car "on the list" for F1 2011


Codemasters Birmingham's Paul Jeal and Stephen Hood confirm in an exclusive interview that the inclusion of a safety car is being considered for next year's official Formula One game, as well as one hundred other new features.

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jay22952d ago

OMG no Saftey car on F1 2010, that sucks, oh well it's still the most real F1 game so far but this is an obvous miscalculation to not include it, still getting this, F1'11,12.13 and so on, I'm a huge F1 fan.

Forbidden_Darkness2952d ago

I am so not buying this game now.

No safety car = No cash for Codemasters

I am so disappointed in this, i wanna cry and cut myself.

Worst racing game ever created!

Hoje03082952d ago

You're being sarcastic, right?

Forbidden_Darkness2952d ago

Of course i am... Thought people would understand my sarcasm... (note to self: use sarcasm at the end of posts)

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iamgoatman2952d ago

I guess they had to pay particular attention to the coding of Vettel's car, if he doesn't crash into his team mate, no safety car and no ones the wiser! Although they'd also have to "forget" that the Hispania and Sauber teams exist, you don't want them causing any incidents.

Simonkey752952d ago

Yeah, Vettel's a one man safety car machine this season - the lad's fast but, jeez, if he could just learn to overtake...

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