Achievements and Trophies: The Addiction

Resolution's Greg Giddens shares his addiction and discusses its effects: I keep telling myself that achievements and their related gamerscore are nothing but arbitrary numbers for stereotypical nerds to boast about to their D&D posse at the next big geek-a-thon. But the truth is I absolutely love them, and they’re starting to dictate my game playing habits.

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Psychotica2958d ago

I couldn't care less about them...

Kingdom Come2958d ago

It does contribute to it's longevity, giving the player a reason to squeeze that little bit more out of the game. For some games, they just provide a little fun challenge for the gamer to take up. I love achievements and trophies, there just a bit of fun. However I think those who buy games just to increase their Gamerscore/Trophy collection are just sad...

NecrumSlavery2958d ago

The gamerscore to me means nothing, but I have a serious trophy fetish. I won't go out an buy/rent/play shovelware for them, but I always try to obtain them all. Yeah Yeah, I know....It's all worthless and the samething as achievements, but the actual trophy means more to me than the points. Trophies give you a number score, a leveling system, individual collection progress(who's got the most plats...etc). Plus the thing both consoles do well is unlocking stuff like themes and Home & avatar gear. The Halo Waypoint is cool too, but I think that 306/PS3 whould have a store dedicated to the achv/trophies where you can purchase things. Like using the awards as XP where you can level up your character or earn access to cool features. Wouldn't it be cool if silver memebers could get a free 3 day pass on LIVE for beating REACH on Legendary offline. Maybe it would read "For taking on the mission alone you have been granted 3 days access to play online..." It would be a good way for people who havent joined to join and a nice thing for the fans...just a thought.

paintsville2957d ago

In my opinion it's a great innovation for the gaming industry. It gives the player the incentive to replay the games over and over. This in turn gives the developer added time to release the sequel to the product will still having the consumer playing the game the studio already has on the market.
The general idea of having a goal other that just completing a games in ingenious.

qadsia1232958d ago

Basically acts as a guideline to get the most value out of the game.

DelbertGrady2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Very well said. In some games they play more part than in others for me. I'm currently playing Reach and although the achievements are sweet the challenges are what's most addictive. :)

@timmyrulz - That sounds more like you having issues with yourself(OCD?) than something that has to do with achievements/trophies.

2958d ago
timmyrulz2958d ago

They really piss me off, i always have to have a look before i play the game which results in my playing the game to the trophy/acheievements rather than playing the game how i normally would - I always tell myself not to look untill I have completed the game but they are like crack - friggin addictive

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