Batman: Arkham City - All Confirmed Info. Here's a run down on everything that that has been announced for Batman: Arkham City.


--Thugs will have a much wider variety of appearance than in the first game
--Most thugs will be grouped into gangs, each headed by a staple Batman villain. Confirmed so far are Joker and Two-Face, with many more hinted
--You can keep track of the gangs in your criminal database
--Thugs not attached to a gang roam the streets
--Riddler thugs have replaced Riddler maps in the new game, and will require interrogation before they will talk


--Confirmed so far are Joker (Trailer), Harley Quinn (GameInformer), Two-Face (GameInformer), Talia Al’ Ghul (VA Confirmation), Mr. Freeze (VA Confirmation), and Calender Man (OXM) , with Black Mask and Penguin hinted at in the trailer.

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CrzyFooL2953d ago

hooray for new info!! Also Harley is hawt.

sinncross2953d ago

I don't like the fleeing enemies idea in all honesty.

But that said, the first was awesome, and this looks even more so!!!

egidem2953d ago

This is going to be awesome...I love what they've done with the first's brilliant. Now the fact that it's bigger and longer, I just can't wait. The idea of fleeing enemies actually makes me laugh! :D

I also heard the extremely arrogant and too overconfident riddler is returning...YAY.

Damn...Harley has great boobs in the picture...only problem is she's interested in everybody's mad man, the joker.

Koromaro2952d ago

Awesome Everything sounds good already. I just hope they limit the usage of detective mode outside clue hunting. It's cool but i found myself in that mode then actually seeing the normal world.

electricshadow2952d ago

I 100% agree with you. I just beat the first one today and I was in detective mode about 90% of the time. Great game, nonetheless.

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The story is too old to be commented.