The next generation? We don’t need it.

Play-mag: "Isn’t it about time we should at least KNOW about the next generation of consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo? Historically speaking, yes it is. But I don’t think we need them – and I certainly don’t want them."

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iamnsuperman2953d ago

360 need to upgrade disc space, Wii needs a HD upgrade if they are going to compete with Sony....If they do upgrade and release new consoles then Sony will have to do the same to compete otherwise they will be behind..... I hope they do not upgrade because I can't afford another console right now.....

dangert122953d ago

this gen is perfectly fine the way it is, people need more time to realise microsoft are the biggest cons going before the next gen starts so microsoft can fail and leave the gaming industry in that gen!

and i've got a ps3 3 months ago and love it
A pround ps+ subscriber and owner of
Heavenly sword
Ratchet and clank TOD
Reisistance 2
Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
Socom confrontations
Ratchet and clank QFB
Motorstom Pacific Rift
White Knight Chorincles

Killzone 3
resistance 3
FF vs 13 ?
New ratchet and clank
Twisted Metal? (the game with sweet tooth)
plus the move games like
move hero's
the socerer (wizard game)
Socom 4

why would we need to be talking about the next gen now? enjoy the games people

sorry about spelling one of my weak points lol
on the way why are we talking about the next gen clearly this gen has alot more to offer

Computersaysno2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Im more worried myself about what there is to play on 360. No interest in kinect at all, it just pointless. Fable 3 is on PC and i would be stupid to get the 360 version. Gears of war 3 out in april 2011 maybe. Thats all i can see that has been announced big games between now and a year away for 360, feels like its winding down

dangert122953d ago

I'd Personally think you should say fuck MS cause paying for online just to play gears dont sound that great no matter how good gears is,
pc an ps3 gaming is the way forward microsoft are chasing the wii market and if im right nintendo thinks all the casuals that are to be grained were gained hence why the 3d line up puts the wii's and current ds's line up to shame when it comes to real games,microsoft are crazy if they think casuals will wont to play those type of games everytime they turn on the xbox let them forget about the core, its the core who got them infront of sony now they want to forget that...not wise

Computersaysno2953d ago

Im hoping desperately that microsoft announce a lot of titles for holiday next year like a new PGR or Forza but as it stands right now, the lineup looks terrible and really fuzzy compared to the one that dangert12 outlined above for the next 12 months. I could end up only playin Gears of war 3 next year and for the entire year nothing else to turn 360 on especially for.

Feels to me like microosft have shifted their focus onto kinect and away from the hardcore, i honestly didnt expect there to be so little on the horizon i would want. Anyone would want to be truthful

dangert122953d ago

I doubt there will be a PGR so soon as the original devs are no longer with MS and forza kinect is coming out,and i feel your pain it was a combo of ms weak line up and GT5 that lead me to buying a ps3 as i did't actually think much of it when i never owned it, then i sort of woke up and noticed how microsoft takes its userbase for idiots pay for your own connection and not giving devs freedom to do what they want with there content i.e braid theme and vavle updates etc,

outrageous2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I own the PS3 and the Wii...BUT...The 360 owns this gen with the best controller, best on line and the best looking and playing games. The hardcore know does everybody else.

I haven't bought a PS3 game all year. They were all rentals at best. The Xbox saved gaming this year for me...just look at the list of games that could be had for a $150 console...

Mass Effect
Metro 2033
Splinter cell Conviction
Alan Wake
NEW Xbox 360S
Crackdown 2
Halo Reach
Fable 3
Kinect ( 25 launch titles THIS YEAR )

M$ world domination...

Windows 7 Phone and XBL compatibility ( huge list of games )
PC gaming ( Fable 3, Age of empires...etc )

ALL the multi-plats have sold, played and looked better on the 360. MW2 sold 3 million MORE on 360. I have no idea how you think M$ is conning anyone when clearly they are the only game in town...if your a gamer that is.

Sony's been asleep at the wheel this year. The only game I'm looking forward to is KZ 3 releasing in ( ...gulp ) 5 months ( 2011 )

The new machines are inbound...everybody knows that. The tech behind PS3/360 is 8 years old...time to move on. Holiday 2012 will be emergence day for the new Xbox...I'm sure Sony and Nintendo will be there as well...Nintendo may launch in 2011, things are that bad over there.

Computersaysno2953d ago

I respect your right to an opinion outrageous but there is a reason you only have one bubble

PopEmUp2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

ok whatever you say, But imo I don't see 1 game you list I like, the only one probably ME2, but that pretty boring once you finished it

vsr2953d ago

but casuals(Wii/Xbox) need to upgrade to PS3.

N4g_null2952d ago

It's going to be just like the 3ds. You guys bought psps then you go ape about the power. The 3ds shows up and you all drop your psps on the floor and ask for a new psp. The consoles are the same. If nintendo launches at the ps3s current price or lower with way more power a forward think for games than just features it will crush this gen.

On top of this a new nintendo console will sell just so every one can get the new nintendo games.

Ms has gears and halo to sell their next box.

The ps3 has one last hope left gt5. Only ps3 fans like their exclusives. No one in their right mind wants to play heavy rain again along with many other games that are exclusive.

Tech has marched on and so have the tools he'll zbrush has animation tools in it now! 8 core laptops are coming a system on a chip designs with more power than an rsx are about to release.

The relaunch of hd systems is going to be a mix bag. Kinect has one game only I want to see steel battalion. That is all. Move will sell to ps3 owners who bought a wii that's not a lot.

Hd gamers doomed motion control gaming on their consoles before it even came out.

It would be like Sony saying next gen will cost you too much then releasing a next gen system lol.

A new system gives Sony a chance to right what is wrong. Sure if you like what they are cooking now then great for you but they are in danger of becoming niche not hardcore.

Also Sony needs some thing to push their new fish tubb display that is real 3d with a touch screen and motion sensing.

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gamingdroid2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I think we all need an upgrade in hardware. By todays standard, whatever technology that came out 4-5 years ago is old.

People of course don't realize what new possibilities more processing power can do to games. Not only can we get more detailed environments, but also larger environments, smarter enemy AI, true 1080p/720p HD games and a chance to reboot the platform.

Because there is good stuff out now, doesn't mean there can't be much greater stuff being released given the right environment and tools!

I favor cheaper price and shorter console cycle, similar to PC. I wish (probably will never happen) console makers would treat a platform with tiered levels i.e. 2-3 hardware iteration out there that is compatible with current platform. Want more graphical fidelity, buy the highest tiered one. Don't mind the lower graphical detail, buy the lower tiered one. Then every now and then, the lowest tiered specs get bumped out and a new one at the top introduced.

phatak2953d ago

increase in game development cycles and costs which is not that gud

scruffy_bear2953d ago

At this moment in time the next generation can wait

gillri2953d ago

for a couple of years we leave the hardware whoring to the PC players

Jordanemery2953d ago

I agree to an extent. With DLC becoming the new thing and the new graphics coming about, the current consoles will eventually be simply not enough to handle the new technology. You may think that we are somewhat maxed out as far as gaming potential and features go but just imagine, 4 years ago, did you ever thing we would be playing games without the need of a controller (Kinect)? Could you imagine games turning to download? Was extensions to games (DLC) even thought of? Most likely your answers are no. We only know of what we see in front of us. Rest assured, technology in the gaming industry has a long way to go. I'm sure you will yet again be shocked by what they come out with next. You will be bored with XBox 360 and Playstation 3 just like you were with PSone when PS2 came out.

nickjkl2953d ago

more like 4 years ago would you expect god of war 3 to come out at 720p with anti aliasing

when at first ps3 couldnt do hd with anti aliasing

Persistantthug2953d ago

The question was,

did said developer know how to program it.

Stealth20k2953d ago

its going to be 3-4 years before we even hear about new consoles

and the ps3 will have life maybe 2 years after that

CaptainPunch2953d ago

No I'm tired of wasting money on consoles, I want quality games!

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