PSPgo met Sony's expectations

The PSPgo is a successful platform for Sony and met sales expectations, SCEA senior vice president Peter Dille has insisted.

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sinncross2957d ago

As he says, it met their expectations in what it was designed to do: offer a new SKU for the PSP superordinate without meaning to replace the X000 series.

Whether the Go is not selling as highly as Sony may have hoped (profit expectations could still have been met)is not the point of his statement

xtremexx2958d ago

and What The hell was that?

Trroy2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Sony made a profit on every PSP Go sold to stores, plain and simple.

Unless they overproduced them (which I'm guessing they did not), and have a warehouse full of unsold units, the PSP Go succeeded as a market test, and economically.

I have a Go (and a 2000), and I prefer it to the 2000. The Go has convinced me that I do NOT want portable games in anything OTHER than digital format. I haven't bought a UMD since. Success in my book too.

MisterAV2957d ago

it was an experiment, just that...
if they can use only digital ditribution on the psp2... NO

Handhelds_FTW2957d ago

Sony gave its customer base and alternate. I hope the PSP2 has a DD option as well.

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