Fallout Protesters Get Their Own Site

Andriasang: Bethesda's Fallout protestors are back! And this time, they've got materials to support their claims.

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ElementX2958d ago

"The girl to the left: "When did games become something that you watch?"
MGS4 says hello...

"Says one, "A game where you just follow the scenario is like living life on rails."
Talking about a linear storyline? What about FF:XIII?

"The tall one in back: "I think it would be nice if the main character had a mission aside from just wiping out evil."
Tell that to every JRPG developer

This is the most absurd, retarded thing I've read in years. Epic fail!

Nihilism2957d ago

Right on the head...when they stop making THE most cliche games known to man with androgynous characters drenched with connotations of pedophilia then I will listen to their criticisms...

I don't buy JRPGs anymore, they are all the same.

wicko2957d ago

Holy shit does anyone know how to read? From the article:

"They're protesting some of the conventions of Japanese RPGs."

This is Bethesda doing these "protests" against JRPGs. Every image there is advertising Fallout.

bjornbear2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

the point is they are complaining/ taking a jab at JRPG's...not the element I think you missed the point =/

and I didn't watch MGS4, I played it, and a good 10 hours of it as well

sure there are a lot of cut scenes, I watched them for the story, but I PLAYED THE GAME.

don't know about you

agree though, JRPG's have been faltering...I blame that on SE's quality weakness for major consoles ( their portable games are great though)

@wicko - exactly. no one got the point of the advert **epic facepalm**

mastiffchild2957d ago

Cheap shots. When Bethesda make perfect games themselves then maybe they should start knocking other people's work. I weasn't impressed with FO3 myself, and though I was in the minority of those who played the game(in not liking it that much) I still think people will accept my reasons, in the main, as fair points. The game was under trested leaving us buyers in the usual position with Bethesda of paying to do QA testing, the core shooting was rubbish and VATS was too arbitrary(it didn't seem to respect it's own percentages, imho)-and I could go on, but won't.

Point is I don't like the way devs this gen are always ready to push their stuff not by saying how great it is(and why) but by talking crap about stuff they have nowt to do with. It's not classy and there are much better ways to try and sell western style games in the East than rubbishing a genre still very successful out there-this stance may even come off as arrogant and the3 Japanese will NOT like that at all.

Christ, Bethesda even recycled so much of TES4:Oblivion for FO3 that it managed to have, again imho, less atmosphere, or not as convincing an atmosphere as the first two games did. Were their own games perfect I'd give them more credit but even then it wouldn't be classy, would it? "I wish my new game had had SOME QA so there weren't always game crashing bugs and glitches", "I'm tired of the FP aiming being borked on my supposed FPS RPG hybrid" or "I'm sick to death of being reminded of the last game because I'm looking at it, just with some rubble chucked in, hearing ALL the same actors and constantly fighting deja vu to get any sense of immersion from what should be an amazing experience"-they just ask for this kind of rubbish if they're gonna call out others over their shortcomings, aren't they? We all have faults but using others to advertise your game is a bit naff-seriously-in my eyes.

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Simco8762957d ago

Protest all you want, game is still going to be full of WIN!

Fallout 3 > Final Fantasy XIII

Akagi2957d ago

What a good way to try and crack Japan, Bethesda. Classy.


Seriously, this is lame.

Sarevok2957d ago

I happen to like both Jrpgs and wrpgs.

danmachine2957d ago

when bethesda's jabs at other devs were funny.

e.g m'iaq the liar in oblivion.

m'iaq: "People always enjoy a good fable. M'aiq has yet to find one, though. Perhaps one day."


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