Eight Ways How World Of Warcraft Changes Introverted People into Extroverted Players.

"World of Warcraft has the trend where it can cause people who have introverted tendencies to become more open and extroverted while playing World of Warcraft. Here's a look at how World of Warcraft changes peoples perceptions and actions in communication in a positive way."

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tknation3006d ago

I'm not really sure if that's any different from how the rest of the online games can change the introverted to the extroverted. After all, the idea is the same: online, no one can see how your face. It makes it so much easier to communicate.

Still. Good points, even if they're a reiteration of something that is already the norm.

wolfy24493006d ago

Everyone is more extroverted on the anonymous style internet... its not only blizzards game...