Halo: Reach's Four Worst Problems and Bugs After Its Launch

AC: Halo: Reach has received lots of perfect ratings and reviews by critics and is sure to be a cult classic, but everything about Halo: Reach isn't perfect. The following are the four worst problems, bugs and glitches to plague Halo: Reach after its launch.

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-Mezzo-2980d ago

you came up with all of this after only 2 days. have you even played the game.

LycanSoldier2980d ago

None of these problems have affected me.

MrChow6662979d ago

same here, and I played quite a lot the last 3 days

SpaceSquirrel2980d ago

I hope they fix the co-op soon.

PaPa-Slam2979d ago

Yeah it sucks specially for 4GB Xbox 360 S owners.

outrageous2979d ago

Did anyone else notice the title of ALL the Xbox 360 and Halo Reach articles on that these guys are trying a little hard for hits.

On Topic...I haven't had any problems.

DelbertGrady2979d ago

I haven't encountered any of these problems either. Most games have some lag or server issues when their first released and I'm amazed at how solid my experience with Halo: Reach has been. Especially compared to the dreadful issues I had with BF BC 2 when that game launched, and some time after the launch as well.

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