Nintendo: To infinity and beyond

NE: "If history holds true, we could be seeing Nintendo’s newest console as soon as 2011. What features would it sport? Which third party developers will make games on it? What does Nintendo need to do in order to preserve itself as #1 in the next cycle of consoles? Let’s take a look, shall we?"

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Valay2957d ago

Nintendo may tease the Wii successor some time next year possibly, but I don't think we'll hear much about it at all until 2012. They'll be too focused on the 3DS.

-Mezzo-2957d ago

i agree with you, i am 100% sure we'll see an announcement around Q3 2011 followed by a release in 2012.

oldjadedgamer2957d ago

Yeah they wouldn't want to take the fire away from the 3DS. Maybe 6 months after the handle release, then announce the new system (at the earliest)

pspgweber2957d ago

Interesting. All consoles are going to 3D.

jaredhart2957d ago

I hope Nintendo goes big this time and try to match Sony and Microsoft with raw power.

Shoko2957d ago

Same here. Metroid, F-Zero, and Zelda games would look godlike in powerful HD.