PlayStation Network "Import Store" Sets Sail Soon

DualShockers writes, "I’m always on the look out for titles coming over from Japan, because many times the publishers (and developers, really) of those niche titles are smaller and need all the media coverage they can get. Imagine my surprise when reading through a press release sent out this afternoon from MonkeyPaw Games.

The press release states that “on September 21st, Sony Computer Entertainment America will release the first games on a new service called Imports on the PlayStation Store”. Say what? You heard that right. Is this something new? I’ve never seen it or heard about it before in my life. Sure, I’ve heard of MonkeyPaw Games, a new publisher dedicated to bringing smaller, retro Japanese titles over to North America. But, an import store on the PSN? Who would have thought I’d ever see the day

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Nitrowolf23045d ago

cool, to bad they are not translated

MAiKU3045d ago

hahah well if it was, then it'd be localized, and if it was localized then it's no longer an import.

JoelT3045d ago

You sir are a gentleman AND a scholar.

Chadness3045d ago

This could set an interesting precedent for at least bringing over PSP imports and such. I'd love to see it go in that direction.

Hitman07693045d ago

PlayStation Import Store??? Hell Yes!!! I have been dying for something like this and I think a lot of people have.

thevokillist3044d ago

it is definitely a sweet deal, now everything won't be as regional based.

Newtype3044d ago


COOOL. Now I don't have to pay those stupid import fees for JP only games.

godslayer4293044d ago

cool so now sonys gona be even more lazy and just upload everything to the import store instead of localizing it for us.

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The story is too old to be commented.