TGS: GT5 in the rain

Surprise! A new build of Gran Turismo 5 is playable on the TGS showfloor. This first video shows some old and fun cars driving in the rain, and while it's way too dark you guys should still be able to enjoy it. More to come, in better quality!

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ConanOBrien4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

has done it b4 in '08, like many other car sims..but this one's better

Copying is an old standard

TheBest4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

- Realistic physics
- 1080p at 60fps
- 16 cars on track
- Realistic looking weather

and finally...


Once PGR4 does that, the you have a point. Until then...

IRetrouk4017d ago

And lets not forget that those were pgr 4 photo mode pics, it dosnt look that good ingame, and i am a big fan of that game, still play it, ruf supercar concept is my car of choice, four wheel drive and fast in and out of the corners.

popup4017d ago

I am pretty sure he was referring to GT5 when he said "this one is better"

You only need to look at PGR4 in action to see how good GT5 is!

rockleex4016d ago

I laughed watching that PGR4 video.

OMG. Thanks for making my day. XD

Dee_914016d ago

its too much for me to handle
im to immature for this

i need to climb mount everest andrun a marathon around the world twice before i play this game

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beardpapa4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

heh the AI spun out in the subaru vid

@Retrouk: hey we have the same car of choice in that game. Personally I love to take that car on the macau tracks.

IRetrouk4017d ago

i hope they get it for GT5 seeing as they have rufs in there, the car is a little beast in pgr4.

Sarcasm4017d ago

PGR4 was a good game.

But it's not a simulator and is only 1/100th the size of GT5.

hennessey864017d ago

that it will dip below 60fps when there are alot of dust particals or rain being kicked up by the cars but it will only drop when needed

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GVON4017d ago

Think their uploading more cars and tracks soon.

4017d ago
alphakennybody4017d ago

HOLY SHIT!!!! is the biggest understatement of the year.

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The story is too old to be commented.