Gran Turismo 5 car list

Here you will find the unofficial Gran Turismo 5 Car List. This is a list of cars that have been confirmed or are semi-confirmed to be in the game.

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FENDR2979d ago

can not wait for this game

SnuggleBandit2979d ago

Really?? who the hell approved this? Report it 90% of the cars are missing!

r1sh122979d ago

yea lool...
most of the cars are not in the list, but we know how many there are..
As much as I love my xbox, GT5 is much better than forza.
Forza has a good number of cars, but good isnt good enough, GT5 has a great number of cars.
Great is the new good, I just hope it drives similar to real life.
I have driven ferraris lambos etc...
Track days, so I do know how they drive.

beardpapa2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

lol that site has a huge banner on the side. Having its article submitted to n4g and everyone that clicked the link probably gave it what it wanted. just begging for hits

Elwenil2979d ago

There are a ton of cars that have been shown in videos that are not on this list. Naturally that doesn't mean they make it into the final build but I think it's a safe bet cars like the new Dodge Challenger, the '70 Dodge Challenger, the new Chevy Camaro and the old version as well as tons of cars that have been in the GT series previously will make it into the final game. Hell, that list was posted in '08, lol.

Dee_912978d ago

if the nissan car list isnt atleast 2 pages long you know something is not right

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UnSelf2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

or the 787B

or the Tuscan Speed 12

Toyota TSO210 (i think)

Suzuki Escudo

theres to many

Si-Fly2979d ago

It's an old mans car and has no place in a racing game. They've put an xk8 and xkr in be happy with that.

r1sh122979d ago

if any Jag makes the game
It has to be the XJ220

Ilikegames762979d ago

is a short list of confirmed cars, only 133.

TheLastGuardian2979d ago

13 people approved it actually. It was the biggest list of confirmed cars I could find.

MGRogue20172979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

... Can somebody help me close my mouth please?

I think it's stuck.. Been reading through the list with my jaw open the whole time, so many cars & there's alot more than that in the full game!

I'm like this right now: :O

Use a wrench or some other tool if you have to lol

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The story is too old to be commented.