ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West Coming to the PS3 on October 5

Now that ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West has gone gold, we’ve given the press an early look at the game, and they’ve come to love it! Destructoid loved their hands-on time with the game, and even named it their Game of the Show for Gamescom 2010. G4 loved their preview experience of the game, and GamesRadar was so impressed that we left them reeling.

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nickjkl2980d ago

hope it does well so they can stop beating heavenly sword like a bad wife

ReservoirDog3162980d ago

Haha, well said.

I still have to try the demo before I buy it though. Looks iffy.

Might get it if Dead Rising 2 turns out not good though.

mrcash2980d ago

just played the demo and it looks horrible, these guys do not know how to use the unreal engine its like AA is non existent in this game.

ABizzel12980d ago

Based off the demo.

It's good in the fact that it's 75% Uncharted 25% Heavenly Sword, but to me it doesn't attain the same level either of those games have.

After playing Uncharted 2 it feels like a step down even from Uncharted Drake's Fortune, and Heavenly Sword (a game released in 2007) had more emotion in the cutscenes.

The controls are a little stiff, and everything seems pre-determined (I don't know if you can jump to your death). If you've played Uncharted and Heavenly Sword then Enslaved will frustrate you simply because it's not as put together as those 2 games. Enslaved is a great game back in 2007, but in 2010 it's just decent.

unrealgamer582980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

lol bubbles for reminding me that ninja theory treats Heavenly Sword like a schoolgirl who won't put out. XD

BkaY2980d ago

dont forget the female character like alike Nariko...

but with all seriously they should have stick with the HS engine...

controls are too light for the big guy and WTF is wrong with the platforming...


NecrumSlavery2979d ago

Well to all you FPS addicts out there, yes this is a fresh change of pace that doesn't come often to the 360, so enjoy it. I played the demo and it's clearly older and unpolished. But also the game shows it has a great amount of potential. The combat is solid but still a little clunky, the visuals are beautiful but lack the polish, the story seems very intersting. The Demo's setpiece was really cool. The action moments near the end are very cool. Definitely a more barbaric uncharted game. And I am planning on getting this. Ninja Theory is good developer and people should appreciate what they put into their games, which is more than most devs. This also is a really good use of the outdated Unreal Engine. It is not as polished as Gears 2, Mass or Batman, but definitely trumps all the rest using UE3. So if your into a good story with great setpices and a different game, especially if your a 360 gamer who never played either Heavenly Sword or Uncharted, I encourage you to check this out. And quit nitpicking demos unless its a clear failure. This isnt Quantum Theory....

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MGRogue20172980d ago

I was thinking of maybe trading in my copy of Halo: Reach for this.. what do you think?

Chris3992980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I'm not the biggest 360 fan in the house, but I'd keep it; at least you'd get some MP value. The demo for Enslaved was fun, though seriously choppy. I don't know why people insist on using the Unreal Engine for large scale games - there's always screen tearing and choppiness. UE works best for corridor shooters.

The action was alright, but it felt like it could get old fast (one weapon with upgrades). As far as the plot, you can tell exactly where it's gonna go.

I'll be grabbing this in the bargain bin. That's not an insult, just what I - personally - feel the game is worth. Too many other games this holiday coming in at a $70 price tag. I can't afford them all.

Edit: @ Electronicpart. Agreed. Castlevania is out the same day, that's what I spent my October pre-order budget on.

mrcash2980d ago

It was bad, the demo actually looked worse than the first gears.

DMason2980d ago

Was I playing a different game than everyone else? I played the demo on PS3, with a 1080p tv, and thought the game looked great, especially impressed with the use of UE3. I do see the resemblance to Uncharted though, which is a good thing in my opinion.

The demo is the tutorial, I have a feeling things will open up. Based on the footage shown after the demo ends, it looks to be one hell of a game.

Destructoid tweeted: You ever throw down your control and say, "Game of the Year"? Now thats some high praise.

Electronicpart2980d ago

I'm going after castlevania it will be out in the same day

WetN00dle692980d ago

Hmmm.........this or Lords of this is a tough one!
Enslaved is pretty amazing, the demo has me sold BUT i guess ill wait for the Castlevania Demo before i make a decision.

BkaY2980d ago

i might get an early access as i am a psn+ member..finger crossed


Dellis2980d ago

This looks like Gears of War meets Uncharted

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