How to scrounge up money for Apple games

With games on Apple gadgets being very affordable, and often ridiculously low, we’ve decided to piece together a list of everyday items that you could do without in order to purchase such games. From the top couple of hundred current ‘best sellers’ in Australia as our starting point, the cost range for these apps is $1.19 to $15.99. So for all you cheapskates out there who only download free games and demos, here are some products you could consider not spending your money on and in turn will allow you to purchase the ‘real deal’.

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ICC_063929d ago

Cut out booze and you'll be rich.

CatGlue3929d ago

lol, i will buy more booze if i cut out booze??

Gaetano3929d ago

haha funny stuff! Great association with the games.

Pilkingbod3929d ago

Well, the other day I overheard two people talking about "being gamers" and then proceeded to talk about iphone games.
I wanted to slap them. :p

tom0473929d ago

haha finallyyy someone else who doesnt appreciate casual gamers trying to steal our thunder.

tom0473929d ago

great article, mate. really funny haha.

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