Rumor: Wii Release Date, Price

If insiders are to be believed, Nintendo's new console could arrive earlier and with a cheaper price tag than expected.

With only a few months left before the release of Nintendo's new generation console, every publisher, developer and hardware manufacturer seems to have a friend of a friend who knows something about Wii's release date and price point. Over the last week, IGN has been able to compile the juiciest rumors for your reading pleasure. Please keep in mind that Nintendo has yet to announce an official release date or price point for its new system and as such, everything below should be considered with a grain of salt.

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ChickeyCantor5043d ago

i hate it when we euro payers pay more while the usa'ers pay less.

specialguest5043d ago

well, because your currency value is higher than ours. we're not actually paying less, it's really balance if you do the calculation and math.

TheMART5043d ago

Don't forget, USA prices are without taxes, Europe prices are incl. taxes like VAT

wakkiwakko5043d ago

IGN is full of it sometimes, I swear.

I hope they’re off by a month. And off by a few bucks on the console price. Just so their rumors can be easily discredited in the future.

IGN has gone to the sh!tter lately. Their rumours are always… horribly thought up.

“And several insiders have told IGN that November 2 could, in fact, be the big day.”


“Sources suggest that Wii will launch with a $229 price tag and will be available in both black and white.”

:o What happened to multicolour console Nintendo promised? :'(

Really their source/insider must be some child playing a prank. No one knows when the console is due. Only when certain games are due (and that date is off by a two/three weeks) But all major lunch titles are classified as top-secret. Devs have singed a contract. I really don’t think anyone would jeopardize their job by leaking some important info to IGN.

All the rumors they’re posting are from the packaging station or the marketing offices where people chat near the water cooler or the cafeteria. Someone overheard a speculation and oh noes he must run and send an e-mail to IGN!

That’s just…. Awful. IGN took the article down then reposted it just to get the credit that they actually have said it, now that hundreds of gamers have agreed with it on several sites.

TheMART5043d ago

If the Wii will be 229 dollar/euro, and the 360 will lower in price, even only 50 dollars or so, imagine.

Wii + 360 Core: 229 + 249 = 478 dollar/euro
PS3 core: 499 dollar/euro

Wii + 360 Premium: 229 + 349 = 578 dollar/euro
PS3 premium 599 dollar/Euro

That would be crazy

wakkiwakko5043d ago

I don't think sales for X360 will increase. Game sales might increase as a lot of great titles are on their way. Might entice some non x360 gamers to go out and buy x360 just to play some new exciting titles. But there won’t be much of them.

PS3 will go nose to nose with the Wii in console sales. X360 will dominate game sales this year.

TheMART5043d ago

So why do you think sales in 360 won't increase?

When one knows, the most expensive console in the past always failed? Neo-Geo, 3DO for example. It has been shown. Most expensive one never becomes nr. 1.

Then, what titles are system sellers? Give me real launch titles for PS3 that are not delayed (don't even mention MGS4, it won't be here before 4Q of 2007).

Now what do we have in the other corner?
Right a system that costs 200 dollar less, does the same in graphics, at this moment in time even better because of it's 2nd generation of games.

It has system seller killerapps like

Gears of War
Forza 2

Just imagine. A gamer that plays Gears of War @ his friends houses and have to wait a full year for MGS4. Imagine what those people do

wakkiwakko5043d ago

I know what you mean. It's just that PS3 will be the must have purchased gift for this Christmas. Like x360 was last year. Parents will buy it for their children and such. A few gamers will buy it just to gloat.

X360 won’t have great sales like it did on its lunch but it will have moderate sales. Just not strong enough to compete with the PS3 this year.

It's not a bad thing. If X360 had competition on its lunch then it'd be a bad thing, but X360 is ahead. Way ahead of PS3. I’m just saying that people already own the console won’t have to buy another one just to play these “killerapps”

Those who don’t have the console and eagerly awaited something worthwhile for the x360 to finally purchase it will do so.

It just won’t be as great as the sales of PS3 or the Wii. X360 is a year ahead in sales. If x360 were to lunch this year… then we could talk about how I’m wrong, but since it’s not and it’s already out there, the only thing that will truly sell will be those killer titles set for release.

Fat Onion5042d ago

I think parents will think twice about spending $600 on one gift.

$499 + $59 (Game) + 8% Tax = $602.64

No extra controller either. I think the wii and 360 will be the console of choice.

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dikturbo5043d ago

When Splinter Cell hits the streets there will be a 360 in my house. Before that, I'll see you in line for a new Wii. Awesome.

mikeeno75042d ago

let's wait till september for official info.

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