Analyst: Halo Reach Sales Bode Well For Core Gamer Market

Lagging U.S. video game software retail sales have made investors nervous about core gamers' buying habits, but Halo Reach's strong debut this week reflects a "healthy core gamer market" going into the holiday, one analyst says.

Lazard analyst Colin Sebastian said that the $200 million in day-one sales of Microsoft and Bungie's Halo Reach "bodes well for holiday core titles," including Activision's high-profile November release, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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2958d ago
Bigpappy2958d ago

It will encourage investors to lend money to developers making huge hardcore games. This is not a fanboy article. This is great for the industry as a whole.

StanLee2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Actually, it's great for the industry financially but creatively, the continued success of Halo and Call of Duty stagnates the industry. New IPs aren't seeing the same success. You'll see less invested in new IPs and more invested in remakes and reimaginings of known IPs. In the following weeks I can almost guarantee new IPs like Enslaved and Vanguish, even if they're critically successes, will all but be ignored at retail.

Captain Tuttle2957d ago

There's a great deal of creativity on Live Arcade and PSN. Those two services are severely underrated imo. Some great, affordable content on both.

And of course there's Steam.

tunaks12958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Was anyone expecting it to flop? Big IPs will continue to sell with or without a growing "casual" fanbase. Publishers well not start to throw money around to make more "hardcore" games just because a Halo game has sold an impressive amount. All this does is reinforce the lack of new IPs coming out.

outrageous2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

The video game market is as healthy as it gets going into the holidays. Halo Reach kicked off the fall festivities and MOH, Vanquish, Enslaved, Star Wars: Force Unleashed, Sony Move, Fable 3, Kinect, GT5, Fallout and COD: Black ops will lead to one of the best holidays ever in gaming.

There are only so many gamers out there. At some point in console sales you reach a saturation point. Why analysts keep thinking hardware sale's will continue to rise indefinitely is dumb.

Captain Tuttle2957d ago

That's why MS and Sony are going after a new group of consumers with motion controls (shudder). They need to keep selling hardware. When you make a profit on every unit sold like Sony and MS are doing now casual's money is just as green as the hard core's.

Anon19742957d ago

Indeed. It'll be interesting to see if Kinect and Move can help stimulate console sales. You'd think that big releases would boost console sales, but the sales would seem to indicate otherwise. When you look at the quarter after Halo 3 released, sales were actually down from the same quarter the year prior. The only thing that has consistently boosted sales of hardware is price cuts, plain and simple, and even then they aren't always permanent boosts. It's interesting that the 360's last price cut resulted in 6 months of increased hardware sales, but after that the console had 4 back to back quarters of year over year declines. By contrast, every quarter since the PS3's price cut has seen increased sales worldwide, with the last quarter doubling the same quarter the year before.
You just never know what's going to catch the public's attention. The Wii's success proves that. It caught everyone off guard.

Captain Tuttle2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

You're going to start seeing a decrease in YoY sales for the PS3 as well. It was increased from the price cut/Slim because the previous months it sold pretty poorly. That year is almost up (it might be already) so today's Slim will be "competing" against last years Slim and PS3 sales have been relatively flat for awhile. NPD's of course, Europe is hard to talk about with any certainty.

Edit: I don't think Move or Kinect will stimulate console sales in the short term. They may allow Sony and MS to put off another next gen launch for awhile though.