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The premise of EyePet is pure genius. Everyone loves pets, they’re cute, cuddly, and provide a sense of reward and companionship. Of course they’re a downside to everything; pets make a mess and require a good deal of time and effort to properly care for which makes owning a pet feel more like a chore than is should be. Enter EyePet.

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doctorstrange2980d ago

Its biggest gripe was the control card, so its good to see that all sorted, plus new stuff added

T3mpr1x2979d ago

Yeah one less thing to keep track of!

Neko_Mega2980d ago

"No Mess or Vet Bills" Nice.

Anyways my gf wants this game and I think it be fun to play when I'm not playing games like KillZone 3, Halo Reach, GT5, LBP2.

wolfehound222979d ago

Looks like something that would be good if you had younger kids. Unfortunately none hear. Probably won't be getting this one.

joinsideke2979d ago

bells and whistles aside, you're still playing with yourself...