Wrecked Gamer: Halo: Reach Disc Read Errors a Real Issue

A few Xbox 360 owners have complained that their brand new copies of Halo: Reach have caused a "Disc Read Error". Earlier it was suggested to be a fanboy rumor started by Playstation 3 owners, but unfortunately it looks to be a real issue. So far installing the game onto the hard drive does not fix the problem, some Bungie Forum Users point out that the disc will work in one console but not the other. This leads many to believe that the error has something to do with the hardware, not the actual Halo: Reach disc.

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big_silky2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Am I just lucky? Whether it's the 360 or PS3 I have NEVER had a single one of these problems that crops up. Firmware never bricked my PS3, my copy of Halo works fine, etc.

I think all of it is purely coincidental.

InfectedDK2956d ago

You are lucky your 360 didn't have any of the millions issues however the fact your PS3 is running smooth is just standard. Ofcourse anything could happen to any console.

Dance2956d ago

then why are other games bar some reach discs working

frostbite062956d ago

i've had scratched disks that would play in one console and not the other. Its definately hardware and nothing to do with reach