Stormfront boss defends Wii's right to be called next-gen

Stormfront Studios' Don Daglow has defended the Wii's right to be called a next-generation console during his GCDC speech in Germany this afternoon.

"I'm sure that somewhere in this little section of this room, there's somebody who does not believe the Wii is next-gen. It does not have the processing power the 360 or the PS3 do, and you can make the consistent argument that, without that processing power, it can not revolutionise the entire experience. That's debateable, and we get to decide."

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Kyur4ThePain4077d ago

The Wii IS next-gen (well, current-gen, actually, just like the 360 and PS3). It's just not Hi-Def, while the other two are.

ALI-G4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

being nextgen is about giving experince the previous gen was not able to give .this is what the wii mote do
-in case of 360 it give grapphic,experince,online,game s.... was not possible in previous genration
-the PS3 set new rip off price was not possible in previous genration also the poor standard and high number of ports not only from this gen but 3-4 years old ports.

unsunghero284077d ago

When people say "The Wii is last gen" or "The Wii is a souped up gamecube" they're missing the definition of what makes a console next gen, and this article has it absolutely right.

BrotherNick4077d ago

Next gen is about creating different ways to play games...and Nintendo realized this...It may not be a supercomputer, but it changes the way you think games should be, and opens the medium to new audiences.

BubblesDAVERAGE4077d ago tell me whats next gen about the wii

Vertius4077d ago

It's Nintendo's seventh generation console...?

ChickeyCantor4077d ago

Even though lots of people( read: fanboys) wont agree with you, its still the most simple and common explanation.

and i agree its enough to say its a next-gen console.

ItsDubC4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

The PS3 and 360 use analog controller technology first used in the N64 (i.e. 11 yrs ago), and the Wii's graphical abilities aren't anywhere near as old as that.

Rooftrellen4077d ago

The fact that it changed how games are played?

Graphics can only evolve so much. We have manybe one more gen of consoles that can't all produce photorealistic graphics. What then?

The Wii turned and found a way to get people without having the best possible graphics, because once you get something that looks totally real, graphics can't improve. Gameplay can, so that's what Nintendo worked on.

People who say its a Gamecube on steriods, using 6 year old technology need to realize, even if that is true (it isn't, but we'll pretend for a minute), the modern analog stick was on the 11 year old N64, so the 360 and PS3 are using older technology than the Wii!

Since graphics evolve though the life of a console, graphics don't make something really next gen. What's so next gen about the 360 or PS3? Remember, we're talking about gaming here (there are answers to this, but I doubt most people who think the Wii isn't current gen know them)!

BrotherNick4077d ago

The wii can be better, give it a couple more years, and I bet all the systems will have these capabilities. Now that I'm looking at the uses the ps3 has in store with sixaxis for GRAW 2 I'm kinda excited that they included have to counter when a company (nintendo) comes out with something revolutionary, and the sixaxis can get the hardcore crowd to start trying it out...many hardcore gamers are afraid of looking stupid playing games, but we all look stupid when pressing buttons anyways, we shouldn't care.

Kholinar4077d ago

It's the next iteration of Nintendo's main video game hardware with definable differences from the last.

If you're going to have your own custom definition of what "next" and "generation" mean, then at least define them before posting. "Next" seems pretty clear to me. If I tell you to take the next bus and you look at the following bus and decide it looks too similar to be "next" then you'll end up pretty lost. Likewise, generation just means something produced or born in the same time period.

This whole argument is all too arbitrary. Next we'll define what "is" is. I could just as easily say that the Power PC architecture (1991) is last gen. (But 360 fans wouldn't like that much)

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