OXCGN’s Halo REACH Multi-Angled Review: A Perfect Gem From All Sides?


"Halo Reach is both is both a joy and a burden.

Obviously a new Halo game is a reason to celebrate, with the core Halo games consistently maintaining a benchmark level of quality shared by few.

However, there is a downside for me. The more Halo games we get, the harder they become to review.

Should I be taking it from a Halo virgin’s perspective, or an experienced player?

Should it be compared with the previous games, or viewed alone?

Is more of the same a good or bad thing?

Does multiplayer outweigh the campaign, or vice versa?

Well I’ve chosen a compromise. Individually reviewed and scored within this article are the following:

Halo Reach Campaign
Halo Reach Multiplayer
New Halo-Player Experience
Veteran Halo-Player Experience"

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BadCircuit2958d ago

Halo Reach sounds like a great game. I am definately getting it and I may even play online because it sounds so great. I am looking forward to buying this game.

REALgamer2958d ago

It does kind of feel like a game made for the existing fans, less about catering to new players in the story mode at least.

gaminoz2958d ago

To be honest I wasn't a fan of ODST, and worried they were just making this to get extra $ off the fans. It is really good to see that there has been real effort put into it and that it is something that will last.

Rare these days...

XboxOZ3602958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I think Bungie wanted to go out with a bang, and they certainly have. While 'some' gamers will state it's nothing more than an average FPS, the fact is, it was the shooter that started FPS on the console, and thus, has attracted a huge following, that remains 10 years later - without any major drop or decline in its followers.

Not many console games can say that.

Godem2958d ago

This I like Halo 3 better honestly.. i havent finished Reach yet, but I seem to favor its predecessor

REALgamer2958d ago

I kind of agree with you...the campaign this time around is a bit more muted in scope.

I think it might be because Halo 3 already had 2 previous games to build the story up to a scale that made it incredibly huge in scope.

Halo 3 was like the spectacle game, Reach is more intimate despite the whole planet-being-destroyed thing. I also get the feeling the focus was on multiplayer (which, let's face it, will occupy 90% of your total Reach playing time) because the number of options and stuff in it is crazy!

Here's hoping 343 Industries doesn't let the series down, however it is they'll be continuing it. I wouldn't mind a further prequel game about the first encounter of humans with the Covenant, which could be more of a tactical game perhaps.

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