GameStop Is Working On Its Midnight Moves

Kotaku: The PlayStation Move goes on sale tomorrow, but select GameStop stores are staying open late to let customers get an early start on Sony's new era of motion controlled gaming.

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RememberThe3572952d ago

For Move? I didn't think it was really going to have a strong launch. I figured it would take time for people to see what it can really do. Good for Sony.

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InfectedDK2952d ago

I never thought I would buy it today myself either but I did O.o
I'm saying this again! - It's very precise and a great enjoyment.

WildArmed2952d ago

I preordered it after I had a break down with all the Move demo goodness available on the EU PStore.

Christopher2952d ago

I never expected this... not sure it will end with all that worthwhile results. Not that much hype around Move, honestly.

callahan092952d ago

It really comes down to GameStop. If they feel like they had a lot of pre-orders I think that's when they go for the midnight launch. It might also have something to do with kind of treating it like a console launch, which will basically always get a midnight release. just shipped mine out. The only game I ordered was Sports Champions, and that hasn't shipped yet. So I guess tomorrow night I'll be playing a lot of the Move demos that went up on the store recently. I have avoided trying the RUSE demo until I got my Move controller. Also, looking forward to trying out the Tumble demo. It got some great reviews (and IGN hated it, oh well), so I want to try it out and see whether I fit in with the ones who loved it or the ones who didn't.

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WeaseL2952d ago

Got mine in post today :)

Chromer2952d ago

It's already Friday but my base's BX doesn't open up till 11am. Suck! :(


I hope they bring my PS Move Bundle tomorrow.

GusBricker2952d ago

I hope disc golf is good.

Triella2952d ago

Yeah it's good don't worry, it's exactly like throwing a real frisbee ^^

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The story is too old to be commented.