How I Almost Scored A Free Copy Of Halo: Reach (RunDLC)

"One of my biggest flaws, if you can call it that, is being too honest. Not only am I a horrible liar, but I also have a good/bad habit of almost always telling the truth, sometimes inadvertently. Allow me to explain."

John Artest (RunDLC)

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TheDCD2958d ago

Damn it now I want one.

Joule2958d ago

You idiots can't be serious


TheDCD2958d ago

A free copy of Halo Reach? What, you WOULDN'T want one?

hammersuit2958d ago

I wouldn't have done that, but that's because I need my Halo!

Digitaldude2958d ago

Damn i was going to say that :(

Theoneneo812958d ago

Seriously I love this game but what does this have to do with gaming news or anything relevant

cfultz2958d ago

I got a free copy from a guy that bought the special edition xbox and the legendary edition of the game. got there to preorder and couldnt, he over heard and said, "you can just have my other standard copy." Thank God for that dude! lol

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