Sony Response to PSP2: "We haven't announced any news on PSP"

Sony won't be pushed into talking about the sequel to PSP before it's good and ready. Not even by a developer saying, on the record, that he has one "in the house".

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movements2958d ago

I don't care what they say, the PSP2's real.

Joule2958d ago

Yea Sony cant hide this for much longer just announce it

Dramscus2958d ago

Their probably hiding it till they have a bad ass release line up. They need to make it a must purchase for everyone and they know it.
It'll be up against stiff competition going up directly against the 3ds. Which already has a big lead just by being a nintendo hand held.

mastiffchild2958d ago

I have a theory about this to be honest and the news this week about the PS2 game enabling(for PS3) add on goes further down that route, tbh. I think they're waiting til they can release the new handheld alongside PS2 games on the Playstation Store for PSP2 and PS3. Surely, adding the much desired second analog would free up tons of games in , arguably, the best console library in existence and while I might not have time to play PS2 games at home among all the new releases on the go I'd love to catch up on some gems I missed first time round.

There's also games which were spoken of for PSP(like the Rewsi game at E32009) that have seemingly vanished which smacks of a reveal not too far away and big launch titles. Maybe once games like the next GoW handheld and Parasite Eve:The Third Birthday have launched the decks will be clear to launch the next handheld with titles like those, the PS2 library and Sony's own stuff like LBP2 and another Motorstorm. We know 3DS is coming and looking very good and Sony, imho, don't want to go into battle with it and the iPhone family with damp powder. Sure, we will keep getting leaks til they call it for holidays 2011 at GDC or about then but I'm convinced there's something in t5he fact we haven't got PS2 games on the Store yet.

Or am I just going barmy and thinking too much about all this?

bjornbear2958d ago

LBP2/GT5 to pass (thus not taking their thunder)

Next big PSP games to be released (I'm sure PSP2 will be B/C but until they release as PSP's last swan song, no PSP2)

Timing it along with that PS2 add on

waiting for next big conference (GDC?)

waiting for new quarter earnings season to kick in

eitherway, will wait for PSP2 before investing on any portable playstation.

wsoutlaw872958d ago

if they expect to sell any of those new monster hunter PSPs then they wont announce it for a while, maby gdc

himdeel2957d ago

Every time SONY doesn't deny outright it's confirmed a few months later.

paintsville2957d ago

The timing is right for a new handheld release from Sony. It could ride on the wave of momentum that the PS3 has created for Sony and should compete will with the next Nintendo handheld.

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FragGen2958d ago

Can't blame them for trying to avoid the 'osborne effect' especially with as long a lead team as this thing probably has left and with the PSP-3xxx units selling like crazy in Japan.

XANDEO2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Im guessing you mean the resident evil psp game? i forgot about that, and you do make a good point.

pain777pas2958d ago

Guys I know you don't want this to be the reason but it is and that is the PS Move. They have to give it a chance to succeed before they overshadow it with an announcement of an established product. They have to focus and as a company they are doing the right thing. I have a feeling there are some PSP2 games already complete. I bet you Capcom aren't releasing SSF4 on the PSP and 3DS because they're planning on releasing it on the PSP2 that they already have a dev kit for.

xAlmostPro2958d ago

agreed but hey, they need to build the hype for the product.. when they release it they want to be able to say "yeah its real & its the best handheld gaming device there is, and be able to tell us a bunch of features and games" rather than "yeh its real, wait months for more details" im glad that theyre being so dissmissive, sort of gives you that "well hes said he has one, surely they can say 'its in development, maybe its not true" lol..

but hey although im 90% sure its real and being developed i'll still be like "omg, hell yeah!" when its announced xD

damn i used alot of quotations :P

Theoneneo812957d ago

Didn't they say the same thing with there best worst secret of e3? just saying

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Dellis2958d ago

PSP2 at E3 for 129.99

yes that price folks, they learned from PSPGO

Kain812958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I think that Sony will do a Press conference before E3, maybe this year...who knows

i hoped for a TGS announcement...

sashimi2958d ago

I highly doubt it'll be 129.99 more likely it'll be price the same way as the Psp when it first released or a bit more.

Chris3992958d ago

I expect Sony's to be in the same ballpark.

EYEamNUMBER12958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

whatever nintendo will end up charging for the 3ds expect the psp2 to be more expensive than that

N4BmpS2958d ago

the price wasn't the problem, it was the fact that it was 250 for a product you arguably already had. More than Likely PSP2 be in the $200 range.

xAlmostPro2958d ago

i reckon they could fairly charge the same price as the go, it'll be more powerful, hopefully have 2 thumbsticks, maybe full psn support & integration

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''Sony won't be pushed into talking about the sequel to PSP before it's good and ready''

That's good, don't rush things because it can have a lot of failures like other companies.

silvacrest2958d ago

but we know it's real

now its just a case of sony announcing it

Sigh2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

please show it at next year's E3... I wanna see how it looks and plays

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