The Real Science of Halo: Reach

GamePro writes: "We reach out to respected professionals in the scientific community including jet pack engineers, plasma researchers, mechanical engineers, and the scientific advisor on Battlestar Galactica to get at the truth behind the fiction".

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iamnsuperman2979d ago

I agree to a point.....The jetpacks are impossible only with a new powerful source of energy that doesn't run out easily which has not been discovered... Basically everything is possible because the tech hasn't been invented yet making this article very pointless....Its like all sifi shooters the tech and people in them are possible but haven't been invented or seen yet.

HDgamer2978d ago

Show me a working jetpack that is used today by the military.

XactGamer2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Halo takes place in 2525 in the freaking future and you dorks are going to argue about 2010?

I'm pretty sure if humans survive long enough they will have that jetpack bug fixed 500+yrs from now.

Nothing from Halo is realistic HDgamer because it's a game that takes place in 2525. You know a 2 and a 5 followed by another 2 and a 5?

You fail... hard

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HDgamer2978d ago

Last time I checked Reach wasn't aiming for realism, just fun.

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TheObserver2978d ago

It's a video game.... Don't even try to say it is real.

Skizelli2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Regardless of the medium, it's still science fiction. Haven't you ever seen any of those TV shows that discuss the science (if any) behind Star Wars and Star Trek? It's kind of an interesting topic. A lot of things are theoretically plausible, including lightsabers and plasma shields.

lokiroo4202978d ago

about as real as this picture.

Arnon2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

The most realistic thing in Halo: Reach would be something like this.





Yep. Running at 1080p. I couldn't find a capture card set anywhere for the time being, so I just took some off my phone :/

KionicWarlord2222978d ago

Nice pics .

Are those screens from your tv ?

002978d ago

Damn that's impressive.


of course halo is real... I am holding the disc in my hand right now !


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