PlayStation Move 'Virtually a Platform Launch,' says Dille

The PlayStation Move is clearly an important element of this coming holiday season for Sony. Though they've stated that they're looking more at the long term for the Move, they're clearly quite invested in its launch.

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donniebaseball4093d ago

I know MS is treating Kinect like it's a whole new console launch. Interesting to hear Sony now saying something similar.

InfectedDK4093d ago

Anyway got Move with Sports Champions today and it is very handy and precise! A lot better than the Wii

Christopher4093d ago

Eh, gotta disagree with this more so than the concept that Kinect is like a platform launch. Perhaps that's how they're marketing it as such, but the reality is that it's pretty much an optional gaming option.

Kurisu4093d ago

I've seen no adverts for Move on TV :( If they're treating it like a launch then they should put more money in to it, instead of focusing on online advertisements.

InfectedDK4093d ago

Actually here in my country even though it's online adverts it's advatised way better than I have seen any PS3 game/gadget before. It's even on major news sites that are our primary TV channels.

Hideo_Kojima4093d ago

I've seen TV adverts in the UK...
but not too many.


Worry about the Games and quality, don't worry about the Marketing.

HDgamer4093d ago

I've seen too many Kevin Butler move commercials even in the late nights.

RememberThe3574093d ago

They showed one during the NFL opening game and during the Sunday Night game.

It was funny during the opener because we see the Kevin Butler commercial and my friend looks over at me and asks, "So it just a better Wii and PS3 graphics?" I kind of shrugged and said, "Pretty much."

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LeonSKennedy4Life4093d ago

I agree.

Why is Sony not treating it like a platform launch then?

It comes out TONIGHT at midnight...

...and NOBODY has even heard of it.


What happened, Sony?

djfullshred4093d ago

I am kind of suckered in on this now. I have barely any interest in motion control games...but a new toy, ok, I guess I'm down for that, and will go pick one up tomorrow.

Hades13374093d ago

Not enough marketing, at least here in the UK. I obviously know about it cause I'm a gamer but I don't think the average consumer will. When you look at the marketing for Halo Reach, there are TV adverts all the time, and you see heavy advertising in shop windows. Obviously Sony can't compete with Microsoft on a marketing level.

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