Use your PSP as a PC joystick

While this may not be quite as extravagant as remote-controlling your Honda without even being in the vehicle, using your PSP as a PC joystick is both useful and overtly geeky in its own right. While the PSP has definitely shown its ability to be more than just a gaming system (and media player, UMD viewer, digital audio player, etc.), David Rudie has devised a method to turn your PSP into a "virtual joystick" for your computer.

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specialguest5392d ago

this is one of those features that won't be widely used, but is nice to know that if you wanted to, you can. much props to the modding/hacking community. i can't wait to see what they'll be able to figure out or do next.

joemutt5392d ago

Works great on PC's, the PSP controls aren't that great, don't know why anyone would want to use it if they didn't have to.