Orange - PlayStation Move Review

Orange - There are a number of packages available with the various bits and compatible games, like EyePet and launch title Sports Champions. Both of these work particularly well with Move and showcase just what can be done while jumping around your living room. Whether developers can really capitalise on the technology remains to be seen, but upcoming innovative titles like Echochrome II suggest that Move could revolutionise PS3 gaming – if enough imagination is put into it.

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-Mezzo-2981d ago

Cool, they sound satisfied.

InfectedDK2981d ago

I AM satisfied!
Bought it today and it's very precise and great fun!
Much better then Wii

AceofStaves2981d ago

Move is getting some decent press, it seems.

BannedForNineYears2981d ago

It's better than the Wii?! I'm shocked!!

KratosGirI2981d ago

Since when did a TSP start reviewing stuff?