Dante May Cry about his new look

SG: Rumors are confirmed, but faces are frowning! Or they’re just looking like they got out of rehab. At Capcom’s Tokyo Games Show press event this morning (for us on the other side of the world), the public received affirmation that there will in fact be a Devil May Cry 5, under the recently trademarked name “DmC.” The developers behind Heavenly Sword and the up-and-coming game Enslaved are leading the charge of this reboot, but it’s not looking as epic as fans had hoped.

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-Mezzo-2958d ago

I hope they change it soon.

rdgneoz32957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Either change the look or give the character a different name, either one would work.

gunnerforlife2957d ago

nono not frowning face but angry faces :@:@:@